Update on Ashley's condition

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I got to go to Evansville today to see her.  She slept for most of the time I was there.  However, she is doing much better (has to be from all the wonderful prayers going her way from this all of you) 

Once she woke up this afternoon, they started sitting her up in bed some.  Once they found out she would not be sick to her stomach, they removed all of the tubes.  She is much more alert now and they have started giving her some pain medicine. 

The orthapedic surgeon checked her tonight, and after taking another x-ray tomorrow, will decide if she will have surgery on the 2 fractures around the eye socket.  He is very hopeful that the fractures will heal themselves without surgery.  Tomorrows x-ray will tell.

I am going to try and take her Poppa (my hubby) with me tomorrow.  I think it will do both of them good to see each other.  She is our First Grand-child and only grand-daughter.  And she is Pop's girl.

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and kind comforting words.  Prayer is a very powerful thing.  May God bless all of you.   Karen

Re: Update on Ashley's condition

sooooo glad to hear your grandaughter is doing much better ,,, i don't like 4 wheelers or 3 wheelers they are very unstable ,,  sure hope she is home soon,,  i will continue praying for her full recovery shar

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Re: Update on Ashley's condition

That is great, we'll just keep praying here too.

Re: Update on Ashley's condition

So happy to hear of your good news! My continued prayers are with you and your family.

Re: Update on Ashley's condition

Karen, thanks for the update. I hope things continue to improve and that she comes home soon!

Re: Update on Ashley's condition

Wonderful news, Karen! Glad you got to see her. That had to be a relief, just to see how she is doing with your own eyes. We also have a granddaughter that age, and she was our first grandchild, as well. I understand your closeness to her, as we feel the same way with ours. Continued prayers and blessings sent your way! I hope Ashley continues to improve and will be sent home soon. Sounds like she has a great attitude about it all, and that helps, too!

Re: Update on Ashley's condition

So glad to hear the good news of your Ashley. Thank you  for the continued updates on her and your family . Prayers will continued to be sent until news of her returning home.  

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Re: Update on Ashley's condition

Glad to hear the good news....

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