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I thought I would let you know of something that I and my oldest grandson are up to. We have a local country music radio station,  WPIG , Located in Olean,NY. which is about 20 miles from here. One of their dj's , does a great fundraiser each year for St. Jude's children' s hosp. Anyone can enter, but usually it is done thru a school or business. All we do is thru-out the year, save the pop tabs off from pop or beer cans. Then in the spring, Smitty and "Big Pig" come to your business and pick them up. The winning folks with the most pounds win a free DJ party with Smitty. As a rule, it is usually a school. It takes 1200 tabs to make a pound, and last year our little area collected 4,000 pounds!!! The recyclers that are involved match the $ amount, and we get 50 cents per pound!! That is $2,000.00 for saving tabs!!! 4 years ago, I took Jesse, then age 3 to the radio station. We gave Smitty our meager amt. of tabs, and it has been an on going thing every year since. Today, Smitty and "Big Pig" came to collect our tabs. The kids were so excited, as "Big Pig" was here. The poor person in the over-sized, very cumbersome, pig suit must have been MELTING!!! It is 80+ here today! ( DJ Smitty later introduced me to "Big Pig", it was his poor wife!). Our little welding shop will most likely never win the DJ party, but it is for a very good cause, and so very easy to do. They will be having a radio-thon May 15 & 16 at the Kmart in Olean, NY. Jesse and I will be going, because Smitty wants to put Jesse on air. I hope he will do it! This will be one proud grandma!! The goal this year is to make the Million $ mark, we almost did last year. All proceeds go directly to St, Jude. If you want to help, just save your tabs and mail them to me...help some little ones!!!Smile

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Does anybody remember when "pop top" aluminum cans were first invented, they were actually pull-tabs that were pulled completely off the cans to open them, rather than tne "push-pull" rocker-type tabs we have today.  It was much easier to save the tabs for contests/charities like this, and to make various things by chaining them together (a favorite frat-house craft....Wink ).

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Yes I do, and I remember putting those tops in the can if we were out and there was no other place to put them.  Sorry Barb, I gave up soda's about 3 months ago so no cans hereFrown

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I'm in.  If you could send your address to: I'll send what I can.

I don't drink alot of pop.  I see the radio-tho is May 15th and 16th.  Do you have a cut off date?

Re: Pop a top...

I hope this isn't a double-post..apparently last night's didn't work. There is no cut off date, as this is an annual event. I save tabs year round! If anyone wants to send some, just email your response to me at [email protected]  I will send you my address. Thanks to all of you, we really appreciate this. I will share this with Smitty the DJ..he is gonna love this!!Smile

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I'll save some for you, also.  That'll give me a worthy excuse to keep drinking soda! - kevin

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Re: Pop a top...

I wouldn't mind sending you some.  Email me your address to and I'll send some out.

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