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the new "My bookmarks" feature

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We released the My bookmarks feature tonight. You'll find it under "My account" in the left column when logged in. Using the "Bookmark this" link at the bottom of each post (again, only for registered, logged-in users), one can flag that page with a bookmark and come back to it again later by using the My bookmarks link. Think of it however you wish: recipe file, amish culture notes, etc. But it's yours - all yours - to do with as you wish. Enjoy!

Re: the new "My bookmarks" feature

Now that things have "fallen" into place a bit, I really like the changes that have been made.  I'm actually learning more about my computer and how to do a few different things myself.

Thanks for the lessons and thank your for all your work!

Re: the new "My bookmarks" feature

This is a terrific idea ... thanks!