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kings island haunts

went to the kings island haunted thing last night and scared MYSELF to death!!!  of course, my grown kids loved it, though we didn't take the grandbabies.  it IS if you go kevin, go in a group...lolLaughing

Re: kings island haunts

My daughter, her husband and their oldest daughter, 17, all work at a haunted trail in Dayton and they LOVE it! My granddaughter has been working there since last year. My SIL is now in charge of security. I no longer go to those haunts, but I used to love them. We can't make any plans with my daughter and her family this time of year on the weekends due to them working the trail. BOOOO!  Smile

Re: kings island haunts

diane.....just hop on 71 south and join the fun in mason, ohio...that is where kings island is located....your family will love it and BOOOOOOO to you also.Laughing