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high electric bills

the cold weather is upon us for a while and right along with it comes that dreaded electric bill.  those of you who live in the greater cincinnati area are more than familiar with our good friend, DUKE ENERGY.  when CG&E was our company for electric,  the amount of kilowatts used, was what you you follow what i am saying?  if you REALLY look at the DUKE bill, you will see what they call RIDER CHARGES.  these charges DOUBLE your bill.  i have looked at mine, and i found that the rider charges are almost EQUAL to the regular charges are.  these rider charges are on the back of the first page of your bill.  your bill might be, say,  $105.00.....but the rider charges are added on to your bill and OOPS!  you are paying $110.00 for electric!!!

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Re: high electric bills

I don't know exactly how much mine runs per KWH as I do not get a paper bill.  I live in Oklahoma and also belong to a rural coop and it is cheaper than the people in town.

Re: high electric bills

We have AEP which used to be just plain old Ohio Power.  Duke must really be robbing you because we have an all electric place and our rates are fairly reasonable.

However, I agree with you that no one should have to choose between electric and food.  I try to buy a few extra cans or boxes of things like potatoes or hamburger helper for the local food pantry.

I was laid off most of 2008 and I know how tight things can be when you are only getting half of what you used to make.  I also have seasonal layoffs (work for Head Start) and things are really tough.

Re: high electric bills

I am paying only 8.689 cents per KWH for my electricity.  There is no additive or multiplier or rider charge.  I live in Louisiana and my electricity comes from a Coop.  How about others - what's the price of electricity around the country?

Re: high electric bills

i was hoping that someone would jump on the bandwagon in order to respond to this important issue that we have to deal with today.  with lots of folks out of work, they may depend on some of the charities in our area in order to eat.  DUKE doesn't seem to care about that, it seems that they get the rate increases that they ask for.  it would also seem that during a recession, these rate increases would not be approved by the PUCO here in ohio.  i think that we should be able to decide what we do with the money we all, or pay the inflated prices that are coming from the electric company