help, recipe ideas needed

Last summer I bought a really nice electric ice cream maker and after discovering that making it with eggs and cream was so expensive I decided to try those dry mixes like you buy in Walmart, you add milk and pop it in the maker and there you go, well, it was the end of the summer, they were marked down to a dime a piece and I bought about fourty of them, it turns out that they do not make very good ice cream and I was wondering if anyone had any desserty type ideas I could use the rest of them up on, I have no one to give them to and I won't throw them out, so come on you guys, you all sound like experienced and inventive cooks on this site, of which I am not......Lend me hand, lol.........and thank you

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

So the powdery ingredients aren't disolving into the liquid?  Could you warm the liquid, then stir in the ingredients?  That might help the liquid breakdown the powder, like if you want to turn powdered Coffemate into a liquid, you warm the water, then add the powder. 

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

that might help, I am going to make one this weekend and give it a try, I'll let you know how it turns out......It just comes out like grainy watered down ice milk, and freezes like a rock once you put the leftovers in the freezer....Too bad cream cost's an arm and a leg, you need two quarts to make a package, that would be along the lines of Ben and Jerry's prices, I only buy their ice cream when it is on sale, afterall, I can't live without my chunky monkey.....LOL

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

thanks for the ideas everyone, I really appreciate your time, guess I will just have to experiment, my teen son will eat anything so I should be safe there, lol.........

and Stutzman, here goes, it doesn't make good ice cream because it is very grainy,  and I used half and half, not milk like it says, the ingredients on a packet of vanilla goes like this, sugar, nonfat milk, coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate, artificial flavor, potassium phosphate, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, propylene glycol, esters of fatty acids, guar gum, mono and diglycerides, sodium silicoaluminate, sodium phosphate, soy lecithin, calcium carrageenan, annatto and turmeric extracts (color).

Yeah, last fall when walmart was getting rid of their summer stuff I bought all these for a dime a piece, a bunch of hamilton beach milkshake mixes, just add milk and ice and blend for a dime each and you know those flavored syrups for snow cones, I got some of those for a dime each also.....We have a super walmart now tho and they don't seem to mark stuff down as low as our old store did...thanks for any input you think of........

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

Well, I went to Wal-Mart tonight and looked at the ingredient list.  Pretty much flavorings and thickeners. Carrageenan is a thickener made from seaweed, and I believe there were others. 

(Did you know they cost over TWO DOLLARS apiece???? Surprised And you got them for a dime each??)

You say they "don't make very good ice cream".  Could you say why?  Poor taste, poor texture, didn't freeze well... what?

And would you please choose a vanilla or other mild flavor, and post the ingredients in the same order as given? 

I'll be busy in the next few days and weekend, but I'll try to find a box of instant pudding to compare. 

Then we can look at the two lists and see where it could be experimented with... maybe we'll come up with a good pie or pudding use for them.

Unless they taste *really awful*??????


Re: help, recipe ideas needed

shoot, I forgot to put it as a reply to your post, but I did post an answer to  your question, and thank you very very much, I appreciate it........cheryl

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

Sorry but without know what is in it or what it is like, not sure what I could tell you to help you.  Is it similar to pudding? Jello?

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

I have never used those , but couldn't you make puddings or pie fillings with them, Seem like they might work for those type of pies that use coolwhip, instant pudding and graham cracker crust, They set up in the fridge, so I think I would try something like that. Since there are no eggs for thickening, it most likely has a gelatin base. Refrigerating it would set it up for you. Good luck!

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

 Sorry ! Can't help you . I am not a experimental  cook I need a recipe  to find my way . My step sister and stepmother are... a dump of this and a taste of that and always it  turns out good. Not me I need exact measurements. They cooked and I cleaned up the mess at home . They were so worried about my husband when we first got married. HE hasn't wilted away after 37 years of marriage . He used to were a 28 waist now he is outgrowing his 36's. He blames the washer. Right!! linda

Re: help, recipe ideas needed

Wish I could help you... I hope someone has an eggless ice cream recipe to share, though!  I know they exist, but I just haven't been successful in finding one.

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