Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

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If you didn't see the small scars on her face, the big bruises on her cheek, or the way she stands (back), you wouldn't know anything had happened to her.

She wouldn't eat while she was in the hospital, and ate very little the first 4 or 5 days home.  She has just about got her appetite back now.  I try to cook special things that I know she likes.

What you can't see tho is the main problem.  When she hit the tree, she hit the front and middle of the head. The doctors say it is the "personality" part of the brain.  It didn't affect her speech,  comprehension, or motor skills. She was a fun-loving child, always laughing, always picking on someone, and loved crowds and fun. 

Since the accident, she doesn't like to eat "in" a resturant.  She would rather get the food and go sit in the car.  She doesn't like noise, or crowds.  Some times, she can't get out the right word (has only happened 2 times tho) but after a couple of seconds she says it. She was always on the phone talking or texting.  Now, she talks very little on the phone, but has picked up texting some.

Where she goes to school, there are 1500 children that have to change classes within 5 minutes.  Noise, rowdiness, etc. in the halls would not go well in her recuperation.  We have started the process to have her taught by a homebound teacher for the rest of this year.  They only have 7 weeks to go anyway. She is a A-B student, so she shouldn't have any trouble doing her work at home when she feels like it.

We all have a long road ahead of us...but God has answered our prayers since the accident, and I know he will take care of us.  He won't give us any more than we can handle.

Thank you Brendalynne for asking how she was doing. 

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Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

As a homeschooling Momma - she definately will do well at home.  It is a safe, familiar environment and it sounds like that is what she needs.  The added bonus of one-on-one teaching is that it will give her parents (and Grandparents!!) the time to really access the new Ashley to figure out what things will help and what things will be frustrating.  

They might even consider preparing overr the summer for home education with her for next school year too.  It never hurts to be prepared. It's just when we parents lament and don't give in to home educating that we suffer frustration.  

Hopefully what I say next will come across in the love that it is meant.  God ordained this event in Ashely's life, it was determined to happen before she was even born.  Our Pastor spoke about Ahab and Jehosephat yesterday from (1 Kings 22:29-40) it is the telling of Ahab's death, but more over it is about how God's will, will prevail even if we try to stop it from happening.  

So now comes the difficult time in your life and that of Ashley's parents, but with constant continuous prayer, Jesus will walk along side with you through the journey.  I'm guessing that you've already felt His presence in the situation, just keep Him close!             

Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

I just joined this forum and the first post I saw was an update on Ashley's condition.  Is there anything we can do to help? I work at a Boston teaching hospital if you're looking into getting consultations or whatever up here.



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Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

Thank you for your concern, Eileen and the offer.  We live in Western KY, and that would be a little far to go right now. She has some really good doctors in Evansville and they think that it is just going to take a little time.  I think that she could go back to school in a couple of weeks, but we are taking the "safe" course by keeping her on homebound for the rest of this year.  I worked at the high school for 20 years, and I know what the hallways are like during class change.  It is a BIG school and when she has to go from one end to the other, with all of the kids in the hall, the noise alone will get to her. 

Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

Happy Easter to you, thanks for the updatre on Ashley...long road ahead, but at least there is a road!

Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

Thanks for the update and I will pray that things will work out for you all. Hang in there!

Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

Ashley and the family are in my prayers.  Accidents are not only hard on the victim but on the family as well.  May God guide you all through this difficult time.

Re: Ashley's Journey back from the Accident

Prayers for Ashley and your family with hopes that with time and healing things will get better for all.

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