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Today It's Little Rock.....

I just got done baking a buttermilk pie on "Good Morning, Arkansas", the morning magazine show on KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I had a good time and I thought everything went very well.   Now it's onward to Memphis for "Live at Nine" tomorrow morning on WREG.  

Check out the Amish Cook column this week, which I just posted.  The column was written by Lovina's daughter, Elizabeth.  As always, I think she did a superb job!

Dateline: Warsaw, Indiana

I just got back from Warsaw, Indiana where we had a wonderful time doing a book-signing at the Party Shop.  Lovina and I were joined by her husband, Joe,  daughter, Loretta, and son, Benjamin for the day.  There were several hundred in attendance.  The above photo really doesn't capture the crowd, Lovina and I were signing books non-stop for almost 3 hours.  It was crazy!   A special, massive "thank you" goes to site regular Barb Wesley (Wesleyba) for her help.  These book-signings are quite draining and I'm often pulled in a dozen different directions during the event.  My wife, Rachel, is usually along on such occasions to help out but she couldn't come because of work.  So Barb stepped in and just helped us in every possible way and I am so grateful. 

In the morning, I am off to Arkansas.  For any of our site visitors who read The Amish Cook in Conway, Arkansas, I will be doing the show  "Good Morning, Arkansas" on Monday morning. 

I stayed overnight Friday at the Eichers, so I'll be posting some neat photos in the days ahead.  And AmishCookTV subscribers, stay tuned, some neat stuff coming up!Smile

Hmmmm, Was I Wrong?

Middletown High School in Ohio was once home to a legendary English teacher named Barbara Schick.  She ruled her class with an iron-fist and instilled a sense of awe and fear in her young charges.  But she also knew her grammar and drilled many English rules into her our heads that will last us a lifetime.  Fear can be a strong teacherSmile.   Anyway, one of the myriad of rules she taught us was the difference between "healthy" and "healthful"  See yesterday's post where I took issue with Earth Balance's "healthy bread."  I thought that was an incorrect usage.  Well, a reader sent me the following email:

After your post last night, I started wondering why these words would be misused. I went to school and looked in 3 different dictionaries. All three stated that healthful and healthy are synonyms. AND in one dictionary, it had both definitions that you stated HOWEVER as definition #2 for healthful it had the word healthy. AND under healthy definition #3 said aiding or building up health. So unless Webster is wrong, the advertisment is correct."

Sooo, perhaps this reader has found a dent in Mrs. Schick's armor.  Do we have any grammar teachers out there that can settle this once and for all? know, actually my sister-in-law IS a grammar teacher....I am going to see if she can weigh in on this......stay tuned...

Accident Claims The Lives of Three Near Jamesport, Mo....

What sounds like a freak mini-van and truck accident ended up killing 3 people and injuring 3 more.  The article - I thought - was a little difficult to follow. I had to re-read it a couple of times, but it sounds like the non-Amish driver of the mini-van and two Amish passengers died.  The other passengers, presumably Amish, were injured.  This isn't one of those car hits horse-and-buggy accidents we hear so much about.  Anyway, needless to say, much mourning is taking place today in Jamesport.  Click here to read.

What's The Problem Here? Can You Guess?

I was making myself a sandwich for lunch when I noticed something that made me do a double-take.  So, I grabbed my cell phone camera and snapped the photo above. There is a problem with this photo.  Well, scratch that, the photo itself is fine, but something IN the photo is not.  Can anyone tell me what the problem is?  If no one figures it out, I'll tell you later today or tomorrow.

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