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New York vs. The Amish

New York state has long been home to a small but prosperous Amish community. Jamestown, in the South-most part of Western New York, is the hub of the Empire State's Amish culture. In fact, the original Amish Cook's husband...Read more

Hidden Treasure: Traverse City

Also being added to my "editor's choice" favorite is the food blog on the Traverse City Record Eagle's site. The Record Eagle is the daily newspaper for...Read more


Introducing Emme

Regular readers of The Amish Cook column may think I am referring to Lovina's sister, Emma. But this time I am referring to a blogger in Minnesota who I found intriguing and I am sure...Read more


Amish "Sensitivity" Training Offered in Kentucky

I've often found there to be a "disconnect" between medical professionals and their Amish patients. This is not always true, of course. There are many fine doctors and nurses who do a great job caring for the Amish. But in many cases...Read more

Lexington Herald-Leader

Winter Stroll Video

It's been a few days since I've posted. The site administrator's wife went into labor on Monday morning and they are now proud parents of a healthy baby girl. So congratulations, Brian! Meanwhile, back by popular demand is another video. This time I'm taking...Read more

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