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Easter Outfits & E.B. Stuff

Haven't had to think about new  spring outfits since moving here in 1970, since one is quite likely to be in winter garb at Eastertime-----or at least in the coat/boots of that season.   In the occasional spring when it is warm, just getting something springy out of the closet provides that rush. 

 As a kid [& a Lutheran], I used to go with my mother to take the bus 'downtown'  [in the days when that was where one shopped], after the daily noontime Holy Week service.  Although she made the outfit----or the new part of it-----we shopped for hat, gloves, purse & shoes [either school or dress-up ones].   Fun just to go & do this-----sort of a rite of spring for a few years. 

In married life, during the last few years before moving here, it was getting pretty complicated to put together outfits/shoes that fit-----plus E.B. [Easter Bunny] stuff for the kids.  Once we landed here------big sigh of relief----just needed clean clothes/jackets most years.  

Got so casual about things that one year, I forgot to do the EB stuff, then woke up remembering at about 3 am------luckily, I had bags of stuff hidden in our bedroom, & the kids had colored eggs & set out their baskets, so it was just a blip on the screen.  By basket-hunting time, everything was in place-----& nobody was to tell anyone else if they found their basket. 

Well, one year, everyone found one in the freezer-----& even had a good idea why it was there, but it took the owner a l-o-n-g time to find it!   It had been placed there to slow down the fast candy eater------the same one who got extra tape on Christmas gifts-----otherwise, there was the feeling that 'I didn't get as much as everybody else.'    Believe me, I counted everything, even jelly beans.   Can you imagine counting jelly beans [by color] at 3 am?   Oh, you've been there, too?   Then, you know what it's like!

Re: Easter Outfits & E.B. Stuff

Ah Carol, you've brought back many memories.  Just last week, my husband and I were at a Cracker Barrel and they had the hats and gloves I remember wearing on Easter morning as a little girl.  I told my husband this and he just looked at me funny, but it's nice to know someone else that has those fond memories of the white lacy hats and little white gloves.

As for the hiding of the baskets, we still do it.  Last year was the last time that I would have all four boys home for Easter.  I still bought the things for the baskets and colored eggs.  Easter eve all the boys asked me to hide their baskets!! Even as young adults, they wanted the fun of finding their baskets more than what treats they would find it it.  Many fond memories of hiding baskets too.  Best places I hid them were the oven and the dryer.  Thank goodness they weren't needed that day.  As the years go on, it's harder to find any good hiding places, I think I've used them all!  This is my first holiday without my oldest son, but I didn't forget him.  I sent his Easter goodies in the mail this past Thursday with a note not to open it until Easter.  I have fallen in love with flat rate boxes from the post office ;-)  May have to do the same with the one in college.  He thinks that the store he works at will be open and if it is, he'll be working.

You never know what the weather is going to be on Easter around here.  Some are warm and sunny, some cold and raining, even had snow before.  So you never know what to buy as a 'new outfit' to wear.   This year I am playing at church that still uses the choir loft so no one will see me.  I thinking I won't worry about what I wear this year and save the money Wink

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Easter Outfits & E.B. Stuff

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


I never thought about hiding the Easter baskets... when I was a kid, they were always just sitting in the living room, like Christmas presents in the am.  I will have to try that this year, but with the kids being so little, my hiding place will have to be obvious.  We have a couple of cute little neighbor girls whom I plan on making a basket for, also.  They made my girls little felt treat bags for Halloween, which they loved.  All I can say is, gotta love Dollar Tree!  They have so many nice things, like puzzles, little boxes of crayons, etc that make it cheap and easy.  And I found some cute little baby dolls at Walmart in the toys for 97 cents each that I am sure will be a big hit with the girls.

As you can see in my profile pic, I just got my girls Easter pics back.  There is a wonderful (but high-end) photographer around here that does a very reasonably priced Easter special every year, and always has real bunnies and a newborn lamb for props!  It is sooo cute, but not easy to manhandle the kids and the animals.   

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