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Blog Brain Fog

I plead guilty to having a blog fog the past few days.  Chalk it up to the first whiffs of sunny spring which had been circulating through southern Ohio.  Makes it tough to be motivated sitting in front of a computer indoors. Now it's gloomy and rainy, though.  Still there are few feelings like the first warm days after a long cold winter.

So, in lieu of thinking of something creative to write myself, I'll rely on the words of others.

A blogger in NW Indiana (a fellow guy, at that!) had some nice things to say about the Amish Cook on his blog recently. Thank you for the kind words!

Check out this woman's blog!  We've all talked plenty on this site in the past about Amish Friendship Bread with all its quirks, but this lady takes it to a new level: CHOCOLATE Amish Friendship Bread!  Yum!

Lastly, I love the Canadian Anabaptist country, especially around Kitchener-Waterloo. I have to return one day.  In the meantime, though, this was a short, but interesting, piece about the tiny town of St. Jacob's, Ontario and it's Old Order Mennonite population.

Re: Blog Brain Fog

33 right now, but has been up into the 70's this week.  I commented to someone the other day that it was amazing that 2-3 weeks ago we were in the teens, then it gets up to 70 & 50 starts to feel cool!

My oldest turns 30 tomorrow, so I took her out last night (Grandpa was roped into babysitting the 3 grandkids!) for dinner and a Mark Chesnutt concert to celebrate.  I now understand more of what my mil was thinking when she told my dh that his 29th was the last birthday he could count.  I was younger though when I had my daughter than she was when she had my dh, so while she was in her 50's when he turned 30, I am still in my late 40's.

Grandkids want me to bake mom a birthday cake today & decorate it for her. Tonight we have Golden Gloves boxing for my son's gym - which I help with.

Think it was this site that I got the cake mix cookies from a while back - people at the gym have loved them - I bake things to use for a fundraiser there (scholarship & activity fund).  Can't hardly keep them in the cookie jar!  So, ty to whoever it was that told about them!




Re: Blog Brain Fog

Snow today-----supposed to be about 6 inches or so.    Better today than tomorrow, when we've a full day planned.   Some snowbanks are going to be here forever, or so it seems, but mud season is creeping in where things have been plowed.  Yet, tree buds seem to be responding to the warmer days, but the circles around their bases haven't opened up yet. 

The yard is still a sea of white, tho I have noticed when driving that some things are starting to reappear-----like stop & mph signs on side roads----& those rails which were on the edges of snowpiles.   Mailboxes on dirt roads have just been a small hole in the snow-----it's anyone's guess as to whether they're still attached to their posts or not.  Yet, yesterday I noticed that the ever expanding frost heaves were diminishing in a couple of places------a sure sign of mud season just ahead [sort of].   CS

Re: Blog Brain Fog

Well, they lowered the snow estimate to 3 inches, which is just enough to refresh the dirty snow, & cover the layers of sand which have been emerging in the dooryard, as well as on the road------but probably not for long.   Slick driving this am, tho, in coastal areas which got rain mixed with it to start-----here, it appears to have been all snow.    CS

Re: Blog Brain Fog

Well, to go along with my blog fog, now we have REAL fog this a.m.  I think I'll move to New Hampshire:) I like your late-season snows you describe!

Re: Blog Brain Fog

I went driving in that fog around 1 am and it was REALLY scary, couldn't see 3 feet in front of you, even bright, ligthed signs were hard to see until you were right upon them.  I only had to go two miles there and back (total 4) and it took me 30 minutesFrown 

Re: Blog Brain Fog

I have to say what a difference a week makes!!!!  Last Friday was the blizzard and this Friday, yes it's raining, but it is warm and tomorrow is supose to be sunny :-) I still have a small pile of snow where there was a snow drift in my front yard. My spring bulbs are at least two inches above the ground and I see buds on my flowering trees/shurbs.  The biggest problem we're having now is all the ground water.  My sump pump is working over time.  Also thanks to my two big dogs, mud is a problem in the family room and kitchen.  I am getting to know my mop and bucket very well Tongue out 

Re: Blog Brain Fog

Stop keeping all the springtime to yourself & send some here!!!   Well, in all fairness, we do need the cold nights, milder days we have been getting in order for the maple trees to produce lots of sap.  But----we still have snowbanks, et. al., although there has finally been some roof/dirt road melting going on.  

I'm still in down on the windy days, & the slightly lighter jacket on the others-----nowhere near spring jacket weather here, yet.  Hatless around noon, but the hat, scarf, gloves are still kept handy----& used on either end of the day.   At 6am, we have been varying from 10 to 20 or so, but by noon or 1:00, it's into the 30's-----& a smitch more on some days. 

Nevertheless, it is spring on the screen porch-----flowers/rabbits are enscounced, as is the Easter egg tree beside the porch-----that is, the part of it I can reach from the steps.   All the Christmas wreaths are down,  thanks to my trusty trekking pole.  The swag on the lamp post will have to stay, as I can't get to it yet.   Can the egg tree be seen from the road?   Not yet-----because of those snowbanks. 

Anybody here do an Easter egg tree?   The plastic eggs I got last year had holes in them for the wires, which made the project much easier than before.   I usually reuse a set of eggs for several years, before replacing them.  CS

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Blog Brain Fog

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

Yes, it is so sunny and beautiful here today!  We didn't even need a jacket.  I took the girls to Quincy to pick up their Easter pics and to get a few things for the house, and it was so foggy this a.m. I could barely see the road.  But right not it is nothing but sun, blue skies, and a few puffy clouds.  All the stores are getting their bulbs and planting supplies ready, and I want to get the fever so bad!  But my new yard is not big enough/sunny enough for a garden, so I will have to help my family with theirs and reap some of the harvest.

And one of the readers on here posted a few weeks ago how they make their Amish bread with chocolate and also with pecans.  I had some starter, so I did it the chocolate route, and it was very good.  The only problem I had was that I used chocolate chunks instead of chips, and they sunk to the bottom and stuck to the pan.... made it hard to get out of the pan. 

And I divided up my extra starters and decided to try freezing them...and I noticed that in the freezer, they are not frozen solid, but are malleable, like stiff clay.  Apparently there is some chemical process going on there that I don't know about, and maybe that is what keeps the yeast from dying in the freezer (???).

Re: Blog Brain Fog

Luv, I probably should have said chips not chunchs because the chocolate will go to the bottom. I use non stick pans and lots of shorting and flour to coat the pans. I let them cool for just 10 minutes before I turn them out on cooling racks, and sometimes they stick for me. Not sure about what happens to the starter in the freezer but I have used starter that has been the freezer for months and the bread comes out great. I have two new batches going now that I started from a frozen starter.

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Blog Brain Fog

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

 Hey, no problem!  Laughing  I should have known better... but it still tasted good and I will know better for next time! 

Re: Blog Brain Fog

See, my blog fog was so bad I forgot that you had talked about a chocolate version here a few weeks ago...oops!

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