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Blizzard Begone....

So....this is a blizzard?  It is about 3 p.m. in Ohio as type this and we've been seeing steady snow for about 30 hours.   I'd say we have close to 18 inches of white, fluffy powder and our city is pretty much shut down.  This storm has been awesome, but all good things must come to an end and this blizzard is beginning to say "bye."  I must say....while I'm THRILLED with this storm, I think this will probably still leave 1978 as the "storm of all storms".  I mean this storm was BAD and I doubt I'll be going anywhere in my car until Wednesday.  My car is parked on the street and by the time plows come by and bury it in snow it'll be some time before I can be on the go.  Still, this wasn't the "blinding blizzard" that I had envisioned of wind-whipped whiteness and pure winter fury coming from the skies.  Part of the reason 1978, though, sticks in everyone's minds I imagine was the element of surprise.  That blizzard really sort of caught everyone off guard.  While that isn't impossible today, with our 21st century computer models, Doppler radars and storm chasers chances are the weather bloggers would be buzzing days before such a storm.  So, any site visitors from Greater Cincinnati?  If so, how did this storm compare with 1978?

Re: Blizzard Begone....

I'm from SE Indiana, the blizzard of '78 was much worse. We lost electric for so long that Dad put us all on a tractor to travel about 3 miles down the road to find someone who had heat. We nearly didn't make it, we couldn't see the road and got stuck in a deep ditch in a field. That tractor stayed there until spring that year.

Re: Blizzard Begone....

We don't have snow day allotments so all 9 days that we have missed so far will be added to the end of the school year unless the state department waves some of them.  The last time they did this you needed 10 snow days for them to wave 5 of the days and my district was short by one day! 

Found this web site for others to enjoy about our blizzard.  Lots of pictures, especially of kids and dogs, of our blizzard 2008.  I especially like pictures 45-48 (deer eating bird seed from someone's feeder), 2,88,89, 94, 118 are some nice pictures of Cincinnati landmarks.

Also on wcpo's website, they interview a plow driver who worked both blizzards, he felt that 78 was worse but he doesn't say why except his fingers and toes were frost bit in 78.

Re: Blizzard Begone....

Have you used up your snowday allotment?   If so, yes, I don't blame you...bring on school.  However, 3 - 5 more inches expected here tomorrow!  So you think the two storms were comparable, it's just that were better equipped to handle it today?  That's an interesting - and probably somewhat valid - point!  Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Re: Blizzard Begone....


Talked to my father a few min. ago in Tuscarawas Co, OH and his county rd that runs thru his farm hasn't been touched yet. Needless to say, he hasn't had anyone clear his 1/4 mi. lane up from that county rd, yet, either. He is 86 1/2 and alone except for the phone.

I guess they are waiting for the snow to stop (somewhat at least) before they get the plows out.

He has a wonderful young neighbor that makes sure his lane is cleared and has been an angel and done so for several years.

Oh by the way it is in the low 70's here in So. Ca.

Re: Blizzard Begone....

I don't know Kevin, here in N. Kentucky we had blinding snow, whipping winds, snow drifts as high as the top of my husband's car bumper.  I think the big difference between the two blizzards is not the event itself but how we are able to handle it.  Back in 78, we didn't have all the fancy chemicals to melt the snow.  It was plow and sand/salt.  That's it.  Now it's all this other stuff including beet juice (notice they're not saying as much about it now as they were in January).  Also I remember the road crew was just a handful of people with only a couple of trucks, not so today.  The thing I remember of the blizzard of 78 was being off school for a month!  As of this posting, it's almost five in the afternoon, the sun is shinning, my street is already clean, and my driveway is not only cleared off but dry so hopefully school will happen on Monday!

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