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It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

Okay....this COULD be a once-in-a-generation snowstorm here in SW Ohio. As a weather buff in general, and a snow lover in particular, I have been waiting for a storm like this for a long time. They simply don't happen that often here.  We are in a "snow doughnut hole" where bad snowstorms either pass off to our SOUTH (believe it or not) or northwest.  SIGH.  But now it is our turn!  Um...but what do I do now that it is here?  Rachel and I are going to try to go out and buy some paint this morning before it gets too bad so we can spend the time being snowed in painting our bedroom.  If she doesn't get home from work soon, though, I have my doubts that the "paint store" will be open.  I suppose painting, though, is one thing to do. I just got done walking my dog and the snow is just coming down in shrapnel-like shards....a very fine, stinging powdery snow.  We are predicted to get up to 15 to 18 inches here by tomorrow.   Actually, rather than paint I think building a fire, playing Wii, reading, and having some good food sounds best!! Anyone else getting hammered by snow?

UPDATE ON BABY STEVEN:  the little trooper has surprised everyone with how quickly he has recovered.  He could even be going home today....I can't wait to go up and see him soon!

Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

We haven't had that type of snowfall in years in my neck of the woods.  Last time we had a blizzard was in the late 90's and around 18 inches of snow.  :)

My Aunt who lives in Michigan called this morning, so far they had 10 inches of snow.

It's still sunny and 30 deg's here...but another artic cold front will get here later on and wind chills below 0 again :)

Kevin got his Blizzard!!

It's official, Kevin has his blizzard!!! It's really weird how the wind is blowing the snow.  My hill has no snow and there is a two foot snow drift on my driveway!!!  And there is more to come!! Kevin, hope you're having funWink

LuvMaerz's picture
Thunder Snow

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

 I have experienced a weird phenomenon TWICE this winter... thunder/lightening during a snowstorm!  Weird... and both times, it just dumped snow.  We were at my gpa's in NW Missouri the weekend before Christmas, and they got 8 inches of snow in about 3 hours!  The drifts were awful.  The other time it happened here, on Super Bowl Sunday.  I don't ever remember seeing this any time in my life before.

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

Yea, I have my blizzard...but I'm still not sure what to do!  Build a fire? Leash up my dog and go for a run?  This is the first blizzard warning here in over 30 years.......unbelieveable!

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

Has to be below a certain temp., with winds of a certain speed or more  [ 20 & 20, I think] to qualify as a genuine Nor'easter, which is what blizzards are called here.  Even tho we've been plowed out 19 times  [less/more?  lost count] so far this winter, a much smaller number met the actual qualifications.  

The banks on either side of the path to the oil intake pipe were too high for the snowblower, so my husb. had to hand shovel this.  As for storm warnings [frequent]-------& storm watches [less so]------school closings/2 hour delays/early dismissals-----getting old, here, so school calendars are a nightmare, this year.   Now, the closings are happening because of roof situations----cracked beams, etc.  Also happening in large stores/warehouses.  CS

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

You can come shovel my driveway Wink

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

I just had someone come to my front door - in the middle of a blizzard - and ask to shovel my driveway for $ idea, but didn't he watch the weather?????  Duh...he'd shovel it and it'd all be blown over in 10 minutes...sheesh.

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

We had a break in the snow so my husband and I just did our driveway and I'm glad we did.  Under the two inches of soft snow was at least 1 inch of slushy snow.  Of course my husband's shovel couldn't  get under that layer so we had to work as a team.  He removed the fluffy layer and I scraped up the slushy layer and then he would push my scraped up layer away.  Of course as soon as we got done, a big wind came and blew more snow on the driveway, but that's fluffy snow and is a whole lot easier to remove in the morning with the added 5-8 inches we're expecting.  Also the county (told you they were good) road department has plowed and of course we had a foot of snow at the bottom from that.  Now that snow is the worst to remove after it freezes! 

Re: Kevin got his Blizzard!!

Took advantage of the "break" to walk my dog....good plan, BK, doing the shoveling...I guess...because it'll take forever for us to dig out now....SIGH...well, it IS March so a melt can't be far?

Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

Well I have to say Kevin, I'm stuck here at the elementary school waiting for buses to get here.  What a zoo today has been with parents picking up their children, phone calls about where is their kid, why isn't the bus there yet, etc.  So with the few kids left here, we're sitting in the computer lab waiting for their bus to be called.  Something we always like to do when we have a fire in the fireplace is roast hot dogs, metts, bratts, actually anything that you cook on a camp fire in the fire.  If I ever make it home today.....

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


What's a mett?

Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

Metts are similiar to a smoked sausage but they are the size/shape of a hot dog (some are bigger depending on the brand). They taste a little different, if you have eaten a Big Red Smokie that's a mett.  Our baseball parks (Go Reds) sells them, not sure if it's only in this area.... 

Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

Hope Rachel's work is close to your house.  Yep, comfort food and a warm fire sound like a plan, a good book or two and if you still have power a good supply of movies.  Paint smells weird, if it is that cold outside you probably couldn't open the window so you would be stuck in a smelly house!   

Glad to hear that baby Steven is doing so well.  It is amazing once those little holes are fix at how fast the children improve.  One of my son's was born with a little hole in his ventricular wall.  In his case he was observed every 3-6 months up to age three, when he went for that check, I knew that the hole had closed because he was so much more active, and sure enough it was! He has had no trouble since. We will continue praying for Steven and family.       


LuvMaerz's picture
Re: It's Here!!! Um...Now What?

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


Sounds like chili/pnut butter sandwich or chicken noodle/grilled cheese weather to me!  Here in Iowa, it is sunny and 30 degrees, with no prediction of snow in the 10 day forecast... but you know how fast that can change.  I just hope we have decent weather in time for the Easter egg hunts. 

And that is just remarkable about little Steven, possibly going home within 4 days of heart surgery!  Shows what a resilient litte fellow he is.  I will be curious to hear the changes you see in him post-surgery.



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