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A taste of grilling weather

LuvMaerz's picture

Yesterday morning was quite a nice, sunny morning, but a coat was definitely needed when starting our day off, leaving for church at 8 am.  After we came home and had breakfast, the little ones were put down for a nice afternoon nap.  My husband decided to take his Harley for a spin to his parents house, so I settled down at the kitchen table to watch Food Network and work on my scrapbook pages.  What a nice, lazy Sunday afternoon.

BUT... that beautiful blue sky and warm, bright sun streaming in through the window made me think..."What am I doing??".  After all of this snow, wind, slush, etc., why am I sitting INSIDE of all places.  I went outside, and found that the long-sleeved t-shirt I was wearing was uncomfortably warm; the temp. gauge, sitting in the shade, registered between the 70 and 80 degree mark!  The sound of motorcycles was everywhere, and people running, biking, walking pets, etc. were up and down the street.  Wow... so I pulled some steaks out, roasted some new potatoes, and steamed some asparagus.  And as I stood by the grill, watching those storm clouds inevitably moving faster and faster along the ol' Mississippi, I took a deep breathe of the springtime smells and sounds: snow was in the forecast for the next two days.  What a wonderful appetizer of coming attractions after this long, cold, windy winter.  Now I have hope... and a little bit more patience  Wink 

Re: A taste of grilling weather

I went out yesterday afternoon with a coat on and was surprized how warm it was.  Wanted to grill out but no propaneFrown  Instead we  had steak for dinner and fixed it on the indoor griddle.  This afternoon was cloudy but warm.  Drove home with the sun roof open.  Felt great until it started to rain and now the weatherman is calling for severe storms tonight and tomorrow with snow tomorrow night.  I usually love a good snow day but we now have 8 days to make up  and now our last day of school is somewhere around June 5th.  So needless to say, I am ready for spring and no more snow! 

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