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Monday Stuff

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  I am off to a sputteringly slow start.  One advantage of being Amish?  Not having to deal with LOST CAR KEYS!!!!!  Fortunately, you do not need a key to start a horse so with my track record with car keys maybe I should become Amish.  I wasted a full two hours of my day searching for my car keys before I finally found them. Ugh.  My trouble with keys dates to my high school years.  I remember one time when working at the old American Amusement Park at the "Fool the Guesser" age/weight/birthday booth I went on lunch break.  There was a spot by one of the lunch-stands overlooking the water where kids would drop fries in to feed the massive fish in the lake (not something you should be doing, I know).  For some reason I picked that spot to be fiddling with my car keys....I looked on in horror as my car key fell off the ring and was swallowed in a single gulp by a massive carp. Try explaining to your parents why you don't have your car key.....

Meanwhile, the cookbook Lovina and I co-wrote, scheduled for release this summer is in its final stages of editing. I've seen a few sample pages from it and our publisher has done a SUPERB  job with the design work. It looks beautiful.  I'll be getting my hands on the final proofs of the book in the days ahead and I can't wait to see them!  I was caught off guard with the first book I co-wrote with Lovina's Mom by people raking me over the coals for the book being printing China.  Almost ALL major publishers print their books overseas. I have zero control over it.  And unless people want to be paying $75 for a cookbook, then I think that's probably the most economical option. So our Amish cookbook will soon be en route to China.

SIGH, one week and one day until my state, Ohio, goes to the polls to vote in the primary.  We have McCain vs. Huckabee on the GOP ballot and Clinton vs. Obama on the Democrat ballot.  Never before have I been so genuinely torn on whom I am going to vote for!

Re: Monday Stuff

For some reason, this reminds me of NH Town Meetings [coming up in March].  At those, people vote yes for huge sums of $$, but will quibble over small things which are just a few hundred-----sometimes gets long/heated.   Democracy in action!   Why did keys remind me of this?   Because, although small physically, they loom large in our daily needs.  CS

Re: Keys

I  have only locked the keys in the car 3-4 times over about 35 years of driving.  First time I was expecting my oldest & was sick day & night & just got out & locked them in.  A man opened it with a hanger for me.  Second & 3rd times I worked graveyard shift in a nursing home - went out 1 morning, started the car (escort with a full tank of gas), slipped on ice as I got out & accidently hit the lock button as I went under the car.  Other time we went to the lake & decided to go in the water, but wanted to make sure no one could get into the cars - so I locked what I thought was the set to 1 car in the other and then only had to keep track of 1 key - but was mistaken - I had the key I thought I had put inside the other car - so the key to my dh's car was locked inside of it.  I used an ice tea spoon somehow to get it open.  Latest wasn't really locked inside, but I had evidently hit the button my the driver door as I was going bak in the house - the dog was in the van & the van was running.  I tried calling around to find my dh because I knew he carried to the spare in his van - keyless entry.  Couldn't find him, then felt like a fool when I realized the sliding door was unlocked!

My worst key time though was 1982 in Seattle.  We arrived about midnight after driving for 3 days with 3 kids - 4 years & under.  So too late to go to the future sil's sisters place where we were to stay for my dh's brother's wedding.  Woke up feeling drugged out the next morning, sil (dh's sister) came up to the upstairs condo that we had slept in - it was up for sale, but my bil had arranged to rent it for a few days for his father to stay in - gave me the key to the downstairs condo - bil's.  I sat it on the top of the fridge next to my purse, along with the key to the upstairs condo.  Walked out onto the walkway chatting with my sil & my dh and all 3 kids followed us out.  Then 1 of them shut the door.  Well where we are from, we had never seen doors that automatically lock when you shut it!  And it locked.  We didn't figure it out until the sil had already left for the day and we had turned to go back in.  Couldn't find a way into either condo, saw our breakfast on the table - all day & I was in tears.  My bil had told me the night before to make sure not to lose that key as it was the only one he had!  But I hadn't lost it - I knew exactly where it was - just couldn't get to it!  We spent the day in the car with the kids - luckily we had pb & bread in there from traveling!  About 6 pm a neighbor who also happened to be a realtor came home & his wife who had talked to us earlier in the day & heard what had happend, had him come over, open the lockbox on the doorknob to get the other key there for realtors to show the place and let us in!

After that, something was always laid in the door to keep it from locking when I stepped out!


Re: Monday Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to shoot my brother.  We were getting ready to sell my Dad's junky cars (Dad is now in a nursing home).  My brother was going through the cars cleaning out the trash and whatever, he was kind enough to go through my old car, he used a key to unlock the trunk.   When he was through and later on drove back home (a 3 hour trip...good thing he lives out of state) I couldn't find the keys to my old car and luckily had a spare key....I haven't driven that car for ages mostly because the battery was dead and I don't know how to recharge the battery....anyway...2 weeks later I had to check something in the car and found my key's still in the lock at the brother forgot to give my keys back Sealed

Re: Monday Stuff

I took my daughter into a convenience store when she was around 4 years old.  Little did I know, I locked the doors with the car running.  I called home, but got no answer.  I decided to walk home, since it was only about 3/4 of a mile.  When we got there, the doors were locked!  I found a window that was open but was too high for me to climb into.  I tried to get my daughter to go in for me, but she was afraid.  I ended up bribing her with a dollar to go in and open the back door.

In the end, I got my keys and got back to my car.....and my daughter was $1.00 richer!!! LOL

Re: Monday Stuff

My mom tops your key stories.  We were visiting my sister at her apartment in Toronto and my mom was carrying her keys in her hand.  The elevator came to a stop, the doors opened and mom fumbled with her keys -well if the whole key ring (multi keys and charms) didn't slip through her fingers and fall down the crack between the elevator and the floor :)  Mom was mortified and figured the keys were gone.  Luckily I have keys to her car (safely in my purse).  Surprisingly, mom got her keys back a month later when the elevator had it's maintainence.

Re: Monday Stuff

Paula  - Elevator crack....I'll have to try that sometime, probably the only way I haven't lost my keys!:) - Kevin

Re: Monday Stuff

Something I learned  just a few months ago when we bought my son his car.  If you lock your keys in the car and it has 'keyless' entry, just call the person who has the other keyless remote.  They can push the button while you hold the phone towards the car and it will unlock!   Now all my sons make sure I have one of the keyless remotes here so that they can call me if they lock their keys in the car!

So Kevin, Obama was in town today at UC, did you go?  Not me (at work of course) but I heard that traffic in that area was bad! 

Re: Monday Stuff

Had two different dealerships tell me this, Toyota and Saturn.  The Toyota salesman told us that he had to do it all the time for his son.  My brother in law sells Saturn and I told him this and he says that it does work.  My husband works at an automotive dealership, and he has told this story too when someone comes and asks for 'extra' keyless remotes.  These things are not cheap, depending upon the car, can be as cheap as $25 but can go up into the hundreds.

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Monday Stuff

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


Bonnie, are you serious about the keyless entry/phone thing???  How in the world did you figure that out?  I am sooo going to go try it and see if it works.... just to test if you are pulling my leg here!  Wink

Re: Monday Stuff

Actually, Randi, that is bizarrely least I've heard it from enough reputable sources (Bonnie included) that I'm pretty confident it works....sheesh, that is what I need to do!

Re: Monday Stuff

I should have gone to see Obama, but then again....I don't know who I want to vote for anyone so I don't know what good going to a rally would do...somone help me decide! Arrggh!

Re: Monday Stuff

I don't know who to vote for either but it would have been fun to go to just to experience it ;-)  My son still laughs about Hilliary being at Gold Star Chili, he can't picture her eating a coney like the rest of the 'middle class.'

Several years ago I had a colleague who was always losing her keys which made her late for work.  As a 'gag' gift we bought her 'the clapper' for keys.  Every time you clapped your hands it would beep so that you could find them.  Don't know if it was the clapper or the embrassement of the gift, but she wasn't late the rest of the year.  She did say her husband would laugh at her walking around the house, clapping her hands trying to hear the beeping for her keys.  She said sometimes she felt like he hid them just to watch her walk around clapping her hands at places that her keys might be.

Re: Monday Stuff

Hey Kevin

Are you phones ringing off the hook telling you not to forget to vote?  We had to unplug our phones a couple of days before the Iowa Polls (whatever it was seemed so long ago :) )

I have locked my car key's in the car at least 3 times and it took either a police officer or lock smith to unlock it....what a trauma for me :)

I know make sure I keep my car key's in my pockets whenever I'm out...there's been several times I have locked my purse in the car and I'm so glad that I put the key's in my jean pockets...I'm not taking anymore chances :)


Re: Monday Stuff

Oh, Gatewalker, you brought back even more horrifying "key memories" at prom when I locked my car keys in the car......a policeman on duty at my prom drove me home to get a spare key, but you can imagine the brief dread it caused by parents when a squad car pulls into their driveway on prom night.....ugh...and, years later as a cub reporter with a local paper I went out to cover my first house fire.....I was in such a rush that I jumped out of my car and locked the keys in the car with the car still running (and an engine that was prone to serious overheating) I had to pull away from firefighters from the house fire to bash out one of my car windows before they had a second fire on their I am glad to hear someone else out there also has "key issues!"

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