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Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

LuvMaerz's picture

My best friend is a teacher, and she was bragging on these delicous cookies that her school cook made for the kids (they only have about 30 students, so they are able to do that sort of thing).  Anyway, she got the recipe, and I couldn't believe it was so simple!!  Three ingredients... and the cookies are so moist with almost a fudgy center.  I made a batch today, and they are already G-O-N-E!

 Cake Mix Cookies

1 package dark chocolate or devils food cake mix

2 eggs

1/3 cup oil

Mix all the ingredients in bowl; the cookie dough will be rather stiff.  Shape into golfball sized balls, then flatten slightly and place on lightly greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes, then cool on wire rack.


I plan on trying this with some other types of cake mix and see how they are.  So easy, my 3 year old could do it!!

Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!


The spice cake is good with applesauce in lieu of the oil.

Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

Well after hearing everyone else rave about these cookies I made them too.  I used triple fudge cake mix that had these tiny chocolate chips in it.  They were really good and gooey.  Best when hot from the oven.  Kevin, one of things that was on the local morning news this morning was a man running during our 'ice storm,' guess that wasn't you Wink

Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

Ugh...believe me, I wish it were me...Running on ice isn't my thing,  but being indoors all day with these cookies isn't good me either....I need spring!!! 

Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

Dang, funfetti was the only flavor I didn't buy tonight...I'm still eating the yellow cake cookies from last night....But tonight Rachel and I were at the store and I grabbed spice cake, devils food cake, and red velvet cake mix...Ahhh, what a fun weekend it will be. I saw the funfetti, but passed on it...I'll have to try these next and then....I need to run.....I need warm weather to arrive so I can run, cycle, swim, anything I can to work off all these cookies which are now sitting in my kitchen:(

Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

My sister in law (who freely admits that cooking is not her "thing") told me years ago, how to make these cookies. My family's favorites are made with the "funfetti" style cake mix. They are quick, easy and make for a great cookie when your child says at bedtime..."oh, Mom, I need to take cookies to school tomorrow morning!!!"

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back."


A while back I bought a bunch of cake mixes on special (10 for $3!) and I don't make cake that often.  This is really an excellent recipe, worthy of a bake sale, I think.  I have strawberry, german chocolate, and funfetti that I could try still.  But the diet started today... bummer!

 Mmmm... wouldn't german chocolate be good with a handful of coconut thrown in the batter!  (salivating over the thought of sweets)

momof3letmebe's picture
Re: Sinfully good cookies... only THREE ingredients!!!

I make cookies with a spice cake mix, a can of pumpkin puree, and some mini chocolate chips.  They are delicious.  You can even add a half can of water and make it as a cake instead!

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