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Passwords Passwords Passwords

fending's picture

So when the yodeling became an unexpected hit, we were faced with some technical issues. First, our Web host pulled the site down a couple of times to save the rest of their network from crashing. Second, we needed to start a real plan for coping with the ebb and flow of website traffic, in particular the "big" days where the column run in many markets across the US. Yodeling, apparently, has many consequences.

So we did some fancy stuff to make sure that the new home for the site has *exactly* the same particulars: same website files, no lost online transactions, identical database, yada yada yada. One thing we didn't count on was a minor glitch in the Request A New Password and Create An Account features. For most people, it wasn't a problem - they requested the email with a password or to start an account and they got it. But for some, including readers using Comcast's email service, their internet service provider's email machines said, "Whoa! hold on... THAT's not where the's email should be coming from! It must be spam..."

Well, it wasn't spam. But it didn't even make it into people's spam folders, that's how much the the ISPs thought it was spam. Anyway, We started a process on Wednesday with our domain name registrar to start "looking legit" to the likes of Comcast again, and with any luck we'll be back to normal by Tuesday or so.

But the direct result of that has been a progressing number of "where's my email you promised?" emails. (Because the website sure could email us, just not some others...) I've gotten back to as many people as I could over the past week, and I sure am glad that Kevin Williams is back in town now. Hopefully, he'll be back just in time for everything to be smooth sailing. So if I haven't gotten back to you, don't worry - it's either in my inbox still or my ISP has decided it's spam before I could see it. :)

Re: Passwords Passwords Passwords

I tried to get back on line on another computer but I can't get back into the yodeling!  How do I get another password?

Re: Passwords Passwords Passwords

I have een trying to hear the yodeling and fear it will end before I can get a new password to sign on with. I have tried two e-mail addresses but get no pass words.

Please!! Hurry!!!

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