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Buggy Stuff

We are such an automobile-dominated culture that it is always fun to see lawmakers wrestle with horse-and-buggie issues. It's like, they couldn't possibly not legislate every aspect of human life, right? So let's go after the horse and buggies!  That's the cynical side of me speaking. The more rationale side of me sees, perhaps, room for some basic "rules of the road" when it comes to horse-drawn behavior.  The city of Massillon, Ohio, in the heart of the Buckeye Amish country, is debating whether to dictate where buggies park when they come into town.  A central shelter might be built with water troughs and hitching posts.  Not a terrible idea, I guess.  Read about it here.

Meanwhile, a Kentucky TV station is exploring whether Amish-owned buggies should be required to have more visible reflector requirements.  Read their story here.  What really caught my eye about the piece, though, is the reporter's use of the word "ordinance" to describe Amish church rules.  I have not heard the term ordinance used in a formal way to describe local Amish church doctrine. What I THINK he or she meant to say was ORDNUNG, the much more commonly used word referring to the day-to-day "rules" Amish people are supposed to follow in their church.  I think my "caution flag" is up right now on local TV news.  I was watching a report the other night on WHIO-TV in Dayton, Ohio about environmentally-friendly cars.  One of the autos featured was the well-known Toyota hybrid, the Prius.  The reporter repeatedly called in the PRIBUS.   An environmentally-friendly hybrid bus is a good idea, but we aren't quite there yet......

Some newsmen are just idiots

Earlier this week we had a weather situation in our area, so of course the local news people were all over it, this one guy was reporting from a neighborhood area and kept infadically stating the street he was on, however he wasn't on that street! I sent an email to the station, it was driving me crazy, my husband was laughing at me every time the guy said the wrong street name, the guy never corrected hisself for the entire broadcast. I am making this comment before I read the articles, now to go see what "ordinance" the Kentucky Amish follow.     


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