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Hear The Yodeling Live?

(excuse any weird, funky font in this post - had some technical difficulties)

This fall Lovina and I have a new cookbook coming out called "The Amish Cook at Home." It should be a beautiful book with colorful photos from Lovina's home, stories, and recipes, plus essays from the children. Obviously like any author we are required to do at least some PR for the book. I've told the publishing house that Lovina is limited in what she can do. She can't do the usual author stuff like appearing on TV, radio, or a spread in People. SIGH, you might see ME on TV hawking the book - but not Lovina. I truly do try to make this column the least disruptive to her life as possible. We will, however, do two or three in-person book signings. Lovina, the kids, Joe, and myself will show up in 2 or 3 places for a meet and greet, sign books, and, yes, a little yodeling. I won't, they will - and be thankful that I won't. It will be announced in the column next week that whichever newspaper brings in the most "yodel listens", we will make that town the first stop of the mini-book tour. It'll be at a bookstore, a library, etc, whatever your town offers. People who have already ordered "yodel listens", your votes will be counted by using the "zip code" you entered when you signed up. But in the coming days we'll just have a spot where you enter your newspaper's name. The first place vote will be decided by percentage of newspaper readers according to the newspaper's official circulation figures. This way a tiny newspaper like Casey, Illinois can compete with a larger paper like the South Bend Tribune. This should be a lot of fun - and before anyone goes negative on me, this wasn't MY idea - this was Lovina's:) We were just having a tough time trying to decide where to go to do our required book-signing and this seemed like a fun way to do it. Rankings will be posted and updated each day on this site beginning Monday. Frankly, we hope it's some place nice and warm like the Bradenton Herald that delivers the most yodeling listens!:) So the yodeling will be up through the month of February to give enough time for people to "cast their listens."

Unfortunately, my paper

Unfortunately, my paper doesn't carry The Amish Cook yet, but I truely envy those lucky towns who win this wonderful opportunity!

Hey, Kevin, what's the closest town to NC that carries the column? Can I cast my vote for there?? Wink

re: Unfortunately my paper

I like your thinking, your paper doesn't carry it - "yet":)  So maybe there is hope.  Honestly, The Amish Cook appears nowhere even remotely close to you....We have many parts of the country covered, but the closest paper to you to run the column is Harrisonburg, VA, a good six hour haul from you...

re: Unfortunately my paper

Well, I'll still keep my fingers crossed for Harrisonburg! If they win, it would be worth the drive to meet Lovina and hear the yodeling!Smile

Book Tour Travel

Quote:  ...we hope it's some place nice and warm like the Bradenton [FL] Herald...

So are you driving here?(when Bradenton wins) Undecided For about six years I drove solo at least once a year from New England to Orlando -- it's better if you REALLY LIKE to drive!  Or you could take one of the Amish tourst busses to Sarasota, then we could take you back up to Bradenton...      --Kay

re: book tour travel

Kay...sheesh, if aa place far away as Florida won....I think we'd travel by train....I don't know that I could be comfortable driving a 15 passenger van so far....Hope to see you in Bradenton! - Kevin

re: book tour travel

Sounds like a much better plan!  I wouldn't even want to calculate how much the gas would cost for a 15 pass. van from Mich (or Ohio) to FL! Surprised


Congratulations on the new book deal!!!! I's great to hear that the Amish cook will still go on.  I'm not big on buying cook books but I'll make sure to buy this one.  Will it be offered at most major bookstores?  Guess this means no juggling chickens Cry

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