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The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

The response to the Eicher family's yodeling has been both wonderful and overwhelming! (Click here to read the original entry.)

THIS IS YOUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO LISTENING TO THE YODELING. You should be able to breeze through these steps and be listening to the yodeling in a few minutes.

As editor of the column, I'm always struggling with determining how much the column is worth to readers and newspapers. Well, here you have a chance decide. You can pick whatever price listed that you feel a ticket to this mini-concert is worth. I would be THRILLED and so GRATEFUL if you pick something other than $1.49, but you definitely don't have to. You can play the track as many times as you want over a two week period, but then to limit the Eicher's exposure to the internet and to preserve their privacy the audio selection will no longer be available.

The registration and payment process only takes a few minutes. Here is a simplified guide to the steps involved:

  1. If you don't have a username and password for this site, GET ONE HERE!
    • After entering your email address and selecting a username, you will receive an email with a link that completes the signup
    • If you have an account and simply forgot your password, just use the REQUEST NEW PASSWORD feature...
  2. After successfully logging into the site, click here to name your price for hearing this audio treasure.
  3. When you check out, the site uses PayPal to handle payments. You don't need a paypal login - just enter your payment information there and on success you'll come back to this site.
  4. You made it! In the upper left corner of the screen there will now be a Listing Station block. In there will be links to each of the yodels.

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

We couldn't get access to the yodeling and now it's probably too late. I would have loved hearing it, but oh well.......

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

This site is still very confusing.  I wish you well, but I can't figure it out!Cry

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

Hello from South Bend, Indiana
My goodness...........HOW??? could yodelling ever upset anyone????
My father is from Berne, Switzerland. At the age of 13, I spent three
months there. My father and his many brothers were always yodeling.
As legend has it, the alphorn and yodeling was the only method
of communicating from one mountain to the other! The melody of the
Alphorn carries a VERY long way.
Maybe more folks need more education.
Keep up the column, as I love readin g it, and keep on yodeling.
Dolores Fischer Ritschard

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

Good Morning from Northern Ohio,
I read column in the Dodge City Daily Globe, as I get it in the mail. (I am orig. from Kansas) I love the way you talk about your family and friends...and the values of love and friendship and being good neighbors. The world is losing some of those great values...and unselfish acts of kindness.
Thank your for all you write and share.
Valyrie Phillips
Northfield Center, Ohio

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

I wanted to thank you for your patience and guidance in getting to the point so I could hear the Eicher family yodeling.  I had gotten busy and had not been able to get back into the computer to try to listen for a while, so I was happy to hear that the time frame had been extended.  Today I followed your written directions and was able to enjoy the family yodeling.

 I look forward to Lovina's column each week.  It is so nice of her to share her family with others.  Lately I have been reading several of Wanda Brunstetter's books about the Amish and have enjoyed them so much.


Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

Love the column very much. I respect and envy the Amish very much.

Thank You

Re: The Eicher Yodeling Continues!

With your comment about the celery makes me wonder if you are going to a wedding.

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