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Icy Laundry; Update on Accident

The Wisconsin State Journal actually had an interesting - and respectful - photo in their paper depicting a laundry scene in Amish country. The picture was shot near Pardeeville.  This settlement is in the south-central part of the state, north of Madison.  Many Amish homemakers will choose to let their laundry dry on racks indoors when it gets to be very frigid, which is what Lovina does. One's fingers can get very, very cold trying to pinch clothespins on a line in zero degree weather.  But this Amish woman in Wisconsin was apparently brave enough to try.  Meanwhile, Lovina's husband has strung laundry lines up across their basement giving her ample room to hang everything, although she prefers the "fresher smell" of clean laundry drying outdoors.  Pardeeville, by the way, is one of Wisconsin's oldest Amish communities.  Only recently has the Badger State experienced a huge Amish influx and they have settled largely around the communities of Cashton and Sparta.

Meanwhile, an update on the Amish woman in Lancaster County, PA who was struck and killed by an automobile while walking to her mailbox early yesterday.  A Philadelphia TV station is reporting that three cars hit the woman, and two of them kept on driving!   Not good.  Click here to read a newspaper article about the accident.

grapefruit seed extract

Mine is grapefruit seed and pulp extract and it comes with a dropper. I get mine at Beeyoutiful, which I can attest to their awesome products. Especially this new Berry well they have come up with. I ended up going around like a nurse at Christmas time dosing my husband's extended family as well as our own kids and myself. Within a few days a chronic ear infection my BIL has dealt with was gone and has not come back. I use a lot of their stuff. I do not make tinctures and extracts, though i may some day when I have more time. You can find this stuff all over the place ( grapefruit seed extract). Try health food stores, Wild Oats, or order online from the numerous good herb shops.



20 Mule Team Borax - it is mined- does not grow in a field like a crop of corn or hay if that was what you were thinking.

It comes from an extremely HOT portion of Calif. so the parents who visited that area really experienced some rough weather.

** forgot to ask if the grapeseed extract is like the sort one purchases from the health food store and some how reconstitutes???

KJuneBug's picture
re: borax "fields" loosely used

Yes, I know it is mined, from the ground, not grown like corn! I called it a field as a term of "a plot of earth" not as in a farmers field or in a "Field of Dreams" sort of way. My parents were there during the winter or early spring months when S. Cal is not so hot. I just think that it is so wonderful that our Lord and Saviour thought of everthing, even to put this "stuff" down in a desert that we use for so many things, He is so marvelous!   

My parents brought back lots of cool information and activity books for each of the children showing the history and the process, they also brought back samples of unrefined borax (I have it in a jar in our science box) and polished borax, which is sometimes called TV rocks, when polished, the "stone" becomes opaque and magnifies letters or pictures that you slide it over. As a homeschool family it is always such a blessing when the Grandparents participate in our childrens education, I think it made their visit much more interesting knowing that the information was going to be shared with their Grandchildren.     

If I remember correctly off the cuff the term  "20 mule team" was coined because large "20 mule teams" were used to mine the borax. That is just off the cuff though, could be incorrect.  

re: borax fields

Kimberly, I feel like an IDIOT......Here in Ohio we use the term "coal fields" all the time to refer to areas where coal is mined.  Had I taken 30 seconds to mull your post over, I hope I would have concluded THAT is what you meant.....not white fluffly borax blowing in the breeze waiting for a combine to come by and harvest:) - Kevin


I grew up in the city, but my mother hung clothes in the basement to dry and did not use the dryer much. Well, she did for some things - I just don't know who was objecting to what. Like stiff jeans and towels. I am sure my mom heard grumbling. My husband still hangs laundry out - but not since it got down to 0. He would, but he hasn't been home to do it on those particularly challenging days ( he loves to do laundry - can you believe it?). I won't. Yet. I am trying to force myself to do these things. I don't have a big basement. We are planning to put some contraption up in the laundry room that you can pull down and it has 4 rods for hanging clothes or whatever on. I have a lot of trouble with cold weather, but I can handle hanging quite a few things on the porch. And sheets definitely outside. Borax is great stuff for sure. I also must put a word in for the bar of Fel Naptha. Never, ever have I had anything it could not get out and very easily.
There are all kinds of natural things - one thing I use for cleaning the kitchen and floor is grapefruit seed extract mixed with water. I keep a bottle mixed up with a sprayer to shine up the stove and clean. First I use a warm rag or cloth to clean up and then I spray the extract and water to sanitize and shine up. It kills bacteria. A bunch of plain lady friends were discussing if it were possible to replace bleach. In the kitchen - no. There is nothing that can do all that bleach can do in that room. But we can reduce our use of it and use other things as often as possible. Speaking of reduction, I have drastically reduced the amount of laundry soap I use each load to less than half and everything comes out fine.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

I'm curious about the grapefruit seed extract. I've never hear of it. Where do you get it from?

Freeze Dried Laundry

I remember staying with my grandma one winter in the mountains of NH. Even though we had a couple of feet of snow on the ground, we would do a load or two of laundry early in the morning and then take it out to the clothesline and hang it to dry. I always had a hard time trying to tell if it was dry or just frozen. I also learned the importance of making sure you get the laundry in before dark. One time I forgot. Can you imagine standing in the dark trying to take down frozen laundry? Brrrrrr....

I still love the smell of laundry fresh from the line. Unfortunately, where I live now we can't hang out our laundry and my children can't understand why I would want too...  




Freeze Drying

There is also nothing like the smell of sheets dried outside in the winter. They have a really crisp smell like a brisk winter day!


Really enjoyed llistenng to the yodeling being done by this family. I've read the Amish Cook column that comes in my Thursday newspaper each week for years and like reading about their family and their happenings. This yodeling idea is a great one...I've always envied people who can yodel. So happy for them that they're in their new house and she can hang laundry in the basement in the wintertime. Also, like reading about how the children pitch in and help with all the many chores on their place....more power to them!

KJuneBug's picture
freeze dried laundry

Well I love anything laundry! I guess they just knock off the  icicles before its brought in, and if it is mostly dried, then it wouldn't need to be hung in the house to long.  It looks as though the pieces that are freeze drying are rather large, there probably just isn't room to hang/drape them in the house!

I have a product plug too- Borax! We do not have hard water, I use it in my non bleached towel/undergarments loads it has deodorizing properties. Plus it is an amazing cleaner, we use it throughout the house! My favorite part is that it comes from nature, (my parents actually have visited the borax fields in California!)

Although I did not read the article about the accident our hearts and prayers go out to her family and friends.    


When my children were babies, we used Borax in the diaper pail water to soak the cloth diapers between wash loads. It was wonderful at preventing the stains from setting in!

I also recently found a homemade eco-friendly laundry soap recipe that I am planning to try and one of the ingredients in it is Borax. They claim that someone did an experiment which compared the homemade soap with Tide and the homemade soap won. I'm going to redo that experiment and see what happens! 

re: freeze dried laundry


Borax fields???  Who woulda thought!? I claim TOTAL ignorance on that little tidbit. I always just stayed away from it because the name "sounds chemically/bleachy" so I just assumed it was...but I love natural cleaners...I will have to check that out...I do use "Method" brands a lot, they sell them at Target and are touted as safe/natural.....but I will check out Borax. I love learning from everyone here. Thanks for the tidbit! - Kevin

re: Mailbox placement

Carol -  I never had given it much thought before. But I do agree with you.  I mean the driver is definitely not blameless, but your point that putting mailboxes where people have to cross a busy road is "an accident waiting to happen" is right on....Kevin

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