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Assorted Saturday Stuff....

It's a little disconcerting to wake up to an email calling me a "money grubbing sleazebag" for the fee to play the yodel.  I try not to let it bother me, but I'm human and it does.  I think email, for all its merits,  has caused a reduction in civility.  Before email people might call me on the phone and have a reasonable discussion. SIGH. Not anymore.  I guess all the musical artists who charge .99 cents for an Itunes download are also sleazebags.  Sheesh, we're charging $1.49 for two weeks of unlimited listens.  Being editor of the column is my full time job. Lovina writes the column as her job. Are we supposed to just give it all away?:(  On the other hand, I should not dwell on the negative...Thank you BKcronin, Kimberly, Randi and others for some very nice, supportive comments.

Anyway, back to cheerier topics, since the Amish in the News section is still down I am posting some things here.  A reader - a nice one - sent me an article from a newspaper in Australia.  The piece gives a great perspective of how Amish country is viewed from "Down Under."  Unfortunately, it also perpetuates a ton of untrue stereotypes and just plain misinformation.  Check out the article and let me know some of the things you caught that are inaccurate.  We can discuss that a bit instead of yodeling - refreshing:).

He needed a travel agent

I guess because I am such a planner that I found his story funny.  Seemed like he travel all the way here to America to see the Amish without doing some indept research about today's Amish. He seemed to have many preconcieved notions about their life styles.  Couldn't help but think that maybe it was non Amish pretending to be Amish in order to make some money off the unexpected tourists. Guess he should have watched the movie with Tim Allen and Kristy Allen (forgot the name of it) where they hide out in an Amish community.  Maybe it would have inspired him to see Amish country in a new way ;-)

Indiana amish, yodel, books, thanks!


Leesburg, IN


Kevin, I have been a reader all along, back in the days of Elizabeth, having been an editor at The Warsaw Times-Union, where my husband still works. Living in Leesburg, so near Nappanee and traveling to Berne for work-related to the nursing home Swiss Village, I have always felt such a connection. Can't believe it has taken me this long to write. We also have some dear friends, the Lehmans, who do some projects for us, share treats (I give them my treats too but am sure they are not impressed!). I was intriqued when one of the young wives invited my to a Beauti-Control party! I could not rearrange work to go, but was so curious as to why that sort of thing was "ok." Plus, I was worried I'd be the only Englisher there, and some of her friends might not have appreciated that. I think it would be an interesting column to learn if Lovina does/can do things like that, i.e. a Tupperware party??

I'm off to hear the yodel. I am going to blog about this soon. Please stop by for a visit. I have no problem paying for it, just like any other download. But, had you said it was for disaster-relief/tornado or the children's scholarship fund, you'd probably have so many $9.99's rolling in you wouldn't know what to do!


Gina Smith

PS- I have always loved your story as to why it's called Ten Speed Press. I am a Ball State journ grad.

re: Gina

Gina - Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by. I'll be visiting your blog soon! - Kevin

Odd indeed

I've been to lancaster, more than once..since I live not all that far away, several hours. And I could agree that Intercourse, PA could appear to be somewhat "commercialized", but that's the town where there are stores marketing tourists that want to visit "Amish Country".

I did have a hard time with the phones and the Amish letting people stay in their homes, I have not heard of that. Cereal for breakfast?

Ah well, a funny read I guess. I'll stick with Lovina's column if I want to read something truthful about Amish.


Oh and Kevin..

You really can't take to heart what some people say.  I would to, at frist.  But, what you have said here is right on.  You (and Lovina for that matter) should not be required to work for free!!

 Keep up the great work!

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