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Enough, Already!!

1st try has vanished into Never-Never Land, so I shall give this another try.

This morning's snow was already knee high to a scottie at 6 am, so that's enough for today.  I've been out to sweep/shovel a few usuals, which are ready to be done again.  Really, the novelty has worn off, & there's plenty here for the rest of the week-----month------whatever.  Even the commercials of sunny places are starting to look good to me.

Of course, Himself has departed for work [self-employed so wouldn't have to go].  But-----now that the surgical shoe is off & regular shoes/boots can be worn, he's determined to  maintain his routine.    Wish he had an old car that could be depended upon to cough & die in the dooryard------or at least  one with the decency to get stuck there.  But no, his just purrs, then cuts right through anything, so he's gone. 

Guess  clearing steps, car windows/lights, etc. makes me an enabler, doesn't it?  

It is lovely out------& I don't have to be anywhere today but here. . . . .&. . . . . .still. . . . .enough, already!!

Reply to Joannie-----5th try

My reply keeps vanishing, & each is shorter than the last-----probably a good thing for readers.

Thanks for your kind words.  More concerned than blue, as he is just 2 weeks out from left foot surgery, & so, still very much in the healing process.   As a result, we both are more cautious than usual about everything. 

This has been a snowy winter-----plowed out 11 times already, as opposed to the usual 14 or so, clear thru March.  As for ice, my metal-tipped trekking poles have been so helpful in keeping me upright-----all winter long. 

Those sunny days are a balm.  Even just popping the dogs in & out, I can feel the warmth of the top step-----yes, bare feet for me, as well, but only at home.  CS

re:enough already and ah spring

You both got me to smiling and thinking. As Fall comes on I have learned to relish those no coat or -even no shoes sometimes - days. When the kids were young I let them go shoeless if I was just around here. We spent a lot of time when the kids were really young wheeling them around town in the stroller - often I was barefooted, too ( yes, I had tough feet and rocks did not hurt me) My parents could not keep shoes on me as a kid and as an adult if I want to be bare footed, then I go barefooted. Around here nobody cares and in one of our old churches noone batted an eyelash when someone showed up with a dress and no shoes. Kooky, huh? Putting shoes on toddlers can be such a hassle and then the bundling them all up to boot. It is so great in mild weather to trot out the door "as is".

My second thing I struggle with in Winter is ice around the car. We have not got a garage attached ( an old barn out back.) and could not fit a garage that would look right with the old time style of this house in the space we had. So we built a storage room and my husband plans to make a kind of unique carport using orignial leftover gingerbread to match. I wish we had gotten it done already, because we seem to never have time to keep the ice from building up around where I park. I fell a bit under the car last year while trying to get into it and even when I don't there are many near falls.

Carol, you sound like you would have liked your husband to share your day with you. I would like that, myself ( with my husband, of course, haha). I especially like mornings with him. And it sounds like your just a teensy bit blue. Hope you all get a nice sunny day with a meltdown and it will feel kind of like Spring. We had a few of those recently and I so much appreciated them. They refreshed me. I can't complain on snow or cold thus far this year. However, our arctic blast will be here tomorrow. So, I will try to remind myself it is just for a short while. It would be fun to have a friend over to drink something great and hot and maybe lunch.

LuvMaerz's picture
Ah.... spring

Carol, I totally agree.  Right now, we don't have too much snow on the ground, but it is sooo cold!  I only leave the house when it is absolutely necessary because it is no fun bundling up a 3 and a 1 year old for very long.  They hate their "marshmallow" coats when they can't move their arms!

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