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Amish and Money

When I'm giving a talk about Amish culture to a group or if I'm just out and about and someone finds out what I do for a living one of the most common questions I receive - perplexingly to me -  is "does Lovina get paid for her work."  My instinctive, reflexive reaction is to say "none of your business."  But then I realize there might be a "teaching moment" and that maybe people do have genuine curiosity about money and the Amish.  I guess my instinctive flinching comes from the fact that if someone ran into Dave Barry's editor or Ann Lander's editor they wouldn't even ask the question, the answer would be obvious. 
Lovina gets paid just like any other author/writer.  This perhaps illustrates a misunderstanding about Amish culture. They are a very, very capitalistic culture.  Unlike their brethren the Hutterites, who are a communal people and share bounty equally, the Amish are individualistic capitalists. Enterpreneurship is fostered and encouraged. There are Amish men who are millionaires (primarily from land holdings) and women who rake in the bucks with quilt shops and bakeries. 

I had someone email me this morning saying that they didn't think they should have to pay to hear the "mini-concert" of Lovina and family yodeling.  My job as her editor is to try to find creative ways to compensate her (since most newspapers pay a pittance for the column) and the "mini concert" was one of my ideas. 

Town Names

Love hearing the names of IL towns that were familiar to me in my early years.  Most familiar tho, were Macomb, Rushville, Industry, & Littleton.   My question is, does anyone know if Littleton still exists?  Haven't been there since  1959, & half of it was blown awy in a tornado a year or so later.  The disposessed were mostly older, so were moving to be near or with relatives.  When I was a kid, the population was around 150, & the sign on the single lane cement road just outside town was updated frequently.  If anyone is familiar with this part of IL, I would love to hear about these places.  CS

I'm Back

Hooray!  The system again recognizes me. 

My comment on the pay vs. free thing is as follows:

    Being retired & thus, on a fixed income, I decided long ago to avail myself of just those things which were free on the net, in order to control that part of my outgo, as well as weaning myself off educ. publications.  So the 2 recent offerings, tho tempting, were not even on my radar.  I leave the discussion of pay vs not pay to others.  But------I am reading what others have to say about it, because that part IS free.    CS


Just checking to see if this works.

re: dollars and sense

Thank you for the supportive words. It means a lot. I really wish that $$$ was not a factor in decisions, that I could just put everything out there free for the taking...but running this site does cost $$$, so I think the yodeling was a good - as Lori put it - museum/educational type experience at a small charge and in return the column/website gets some support.....

Re: Lovina and her family yodeling.....

Hi...My name is Lori...frequent visitor to this site, first time commenting.....I REALLY enjoyed hearing the family was truly captivating...I will play it over and over....I didn't mind paying.....the writer needs to earn a living and we pay for all sorts of cultural experiences like this....most of us wouldn't think twice about paying for a ticket into a museum, plus the gas to drive there....this to me was just as educational.....I paid more because I really love the column, but I think the lowest price listed is $ disrespect meant, but that really doesn't seem like highway robbery.  Anyway, I really enjoyed! - Lori in Quincy, Illinois


Hi Lori! Another fellow Quincyan! I lived there until I moved to Keokuk in June. I was a nurse at Blessing. I sure do miss all the shopping :-( All we have here is WalMart and Hyvee.


I can finally log in :)

It's been about 7 months since I've been to Quincy, it's hard trying to find my way around Town when your trying to get somewhere :)

The good news is that I finally know where the Mall is!  Lol

I live in Fort Madison, all we have here is Hy Vee and County Market :)


Lovina and her family yodeling

I too agree that we shouldn't have to pay a fee to listen to their yodeling. I have always enjoyed the column. I have been reading it for years, even while her mother was writing.
I seen in the paper that if we wanted to hear her and her family yodel then to log on the website. The paper said nothing about paying a fee. Perhaps, just a suggestion, you should have mentioned this in the paper.
I have enjoyed this website on occasion before and have been pleased. I must admit I was a little disappointed to hear about the fee.
May God Bless

Dollars and Sense

Considering that we can now read the column via this website FREE each week, I don't see the big deal to pay a little bit for the occasional extra. I mean, if you really want to hear it, what is $1.49? You'd pay that much for a bottle of soda at the gas station.

From my understanding, it is quite a big deal for the Eichers to be allowed to do this. What a great chance to actually hear the family yodeling that we have read so much about for all these years. Although I haven't listened yet, I plan on it.

And to Kevin and the webmaster: Thanks for all the hard work and info you provide to us FREE on a daily basis :-)


Since the newspaper machine was broke yesterday and HyVee was sold out, I am very grateful that I can read the column here!

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