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Going Buggy in Arkansas; Amish a Tribe?

Pretty quiet in Amish country today, maybe because many areas are smothered with a thick blanket of freshly fallen snow.  This is the case for Lovina's area....lots of powerdy white for her children to play in.

Meanwhile, the tiny burg of Monette, Arkansas included an Amish-made buggy as the centerpiece of their town's Christmas decorations.  Call me a curmudgeon this morning, but I always find buggies incorporated into decorative displays to be a little kitschy/tacky. For the Amish buggies are a very functional and purposeful part of their life.  This would be like the Amish incorporating a Chevy Blazer as a centerpiece for some decorative display.  Just wouldn't make much sense.  Still, I share the buggy owner's awe of the craftsmanship that goes into one. 

Because it's a slow news day I grabbed this blog off a newswire.  The writer is drawing comparisons between the Amish and other insular groups. I actually agree with many of the scribe's thoughts, although I think the attempt to draw a parallel between the Amish and the Taliban, even in a tangetial way, was a bit off the mark....

Nothing to do with this post, really

I miss having the litte box on the screen that says who is online Cry

Re: Nothing

I don't.   CS


Oh yes, it is warming up here today - we are going to be up to the high 40's tomorrow. The only bad thing is that it makes it so hard to get used to the bitter stuff again. My husband works outdoors a lot and he does get used to the cold. He goes through a spell of struggling with feeling chilled, almost like a flu, for just one or two days as the weather dips down into Winter temps, and then he is fine. He layers his clothes mostly just wearing an insulated sweatshirt with a heavy denim type short jacket. And his hat. His empoloyer just ordered him a new Winter coat and they just can't believe he doesn't require a heavier and longer coat. He was always an outdoors person and even camped in really cold weather when a teen. Down is really nice - I ought to get a comforter in it. For years we had his old down filled sleeping bag we would spread out over our other stuff and there is nothing warmer. If I go out "to play" I look ridiculous and I don't care. I wear a big old coat my husand got me somewhere that is too big for me, of course, leg warmers and all the under gear, and this silly looking hat we got at LLBean years ago - I want to say a flying cap or something?? It looks like what pilots used to wear and is leather and fur and I can hide my whole face. I used to love to hike in this kind of weather and I would end up getting tougher to the cold, but I haven't done it in a few years.

Oh,for anyone trying to stay warm and comfy, one thing that really helps us feel warm in the house is a humidifier. Yrs ago when my husband insisted we needed one I thought he was exaggerating the effect it would have, but he wasn't. To us, the house feels about 5-10 degrees warmer with it on. And it does wonders for helping skin not dry out.

re: snow and cold

Well, Carol, you seem to be a hardy New Englander. We get the nasty cold and we get big snows from time to time, but you get a lot more snow consistently it seems. Today we had - 2 I think. It has been about 30 degrees mostly until now, and my body has to get used to this, but I would prefer to enjoy the "balmy" 30 degrees instead. It makes an incredible difference!! Especially if you are doing all kinds of things to cut the heat bill. The upstairs is about 50 to 55 degrees and we only use it to sleep in. We close off our foyer where the stairs are. We pulled the old doors out of storage to repair and get up ( we used curtains last year trying it out.) and the one that gets used the most is not all the way repaired yet and we have to wedge something in it to keep it closed. And we are in and out of the foyer enough that it can be a bit of a pain. When I get up I fire the furnace up to about 65 and start the big gas heater that looks like a wood stove - it is neat looking, but very inconvenient to start - I have to get on the floor or squat to do it. I turn the furnace back to 60 once the temp gets comfy - 68 is good. We have a family room in back that is not on central heating, but has a heater and we decided to cut back using that room to save money. The heater gets the heat around pretty good, but the laundry room and bathroom are very chilly when it is below 20. So, right now the house is not always warm as toast and it is not unusual to find me wearing a robe, big socks, pj bottoms under flannel gowns. When I am tired and ready for bed, I have the hardest time getting warm. I have been known to wear hats to bed on top of the other stuff. And to think I wanted to move to New England at one time. Truly, I went there as a kid on vacation and I thought it had to be one of the loveliest places on earth. My faves were New Hampshire and Maine ( traveling down the coast). I still want to go back again. Stay warm!!


Yes, those 30 degree spells do feel good, espec. in the sun.  Supposed to be warmer today.   Outdoors one doesn't feel this dry cold, unless there's a wind.  We, too, close lots of doors [old house, mostly, insulated], but Himself keeps the central part warmer than I like, so you will find me barefoot at times, with a pair of warm boots at the ready to head down to the cellar to do laundry.  No frozen up lines since we had a new septic system put in.  Drainpipes to the old one went under the dooryard, which is plowed in winter & thus, froze for days at a time. 

Ladies here wear flannel or fleece to bed from Oct. to April/May or beyond.   Lots of folks wear long johns or wind/snow pants outdoors, but instead, I now use a down coat that is long enough to protect the knees.   Others dress lightly, as they've always lived with cold, inside & out.  Kids from those families are still comfy wearing just a sweater in the fall a good month beyond when the rest have donned parkas.  CS

Snow & Cold near the Lakes/Mts. of N.H.

At 6:30 this morning, it was -11 degrees.   Heard one person say it was -27 at his house.  Not sure how cold it is this afternoon, but there's a definite bite in the air & a hat is a necessity, not a choice.  Too cold to build a snowman----has to be warmer for the snow to pack well enough. 

It has snowed every other day for quite awhile, but now, is supposed to remain clear for several, so the road crews are busy cleaning things up & pushing the banks back, so there will be room for the next onslaught.  Photographers' paradise tho----so pristine & lovely to see or be surrounded by.    

More of a sledding/skiing/snowshoing year than a skating one.  Whole lot of snow to wallow thru to get to the windswept areas of lakes-----also hard for the fishermen to get to & from their favorite spots-----not using snowmobiles yet on some lakes, as the freezing came late.   Also, some small lakes prohibit motors in winter now, as well as summer, due to pollution from gasoline products.  CS

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