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Lehmans; Leaving the Amish

Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio is a neat place where one can still find an old-fashioned butterchurn or other amenities more common in the pre-electric era.  Unfortunately when anything becomes popular there's the danger of it straying from its original roots.  Lehman's, once a quaint, sleepy backwater hardware store, is now a multi-million dollar giant with a huge catalog operation and is a frequent tour bus destination.  That said, it's still a neat place where one can find all sorts of unique Amish-type items.  

News stories about Amish people who leave the church to become English don't often do much for me.  I mean, people leave churches all the time. Catholics become Pesbysterians.  Mormons become Baptists.  Methodists become Mennonites. It happens all the time but often the media seems to have a "smarmy" attitude about Amish who leave, like "ah-ha, told you so, our ways are better!".  But an article that appeared in the Times-Mail out of Bedford, Indiana chronicling a young man's decision to leave the Amish was pretty well-written.  He didn't trash the Amish, like so many of these articles usually do.  The article was very honest ("it just didn't work for me", the man said of the Amish lifestyle, or something to that effect) and insightful, so click here for a really good read!

Leaving Amish

I thought that this was a very good and respectful article about the young man who decided to leave his Amish community. So many things you read or see about peolpe who leave seem very hostile toward the Amish.

re: Lehmans's/Amish leaving

We have ordered lots of stuff from Lehman's, but they are very high on most things. They do carry items that are hard to find anywhere, let alone cheaper. It must be expensive to create and mail out so many catalogs throughout the year. We get one every few months it seems like. A big one for Spring and Fall and holiday special ones in between. They are excellent in the customer service area and I do appreciate that.
A nice article on the man who left the Amish, indeed. I can understand why some leave, but I do think that after they get a snoot full of English life they will see that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side. I DO understand that certain persons need to explore and test the waters. I think, too, that it works both ways. To go as far as some of ( or perhaps all) the Amish in the plain life may not yield all one thinks it will. But there is no doubt in my mind the plainer and simpler the more focused one can be on following God To us, the much of their lifestyle and most of their ways are spot on for the christian who is convicted, moved by God, to seek a less worldly and separated life. I am not white washing the fact there are problems - there are in any church. Once we create a type of theology the problems come and the Amish are no different in that regard. Furthermore, it is not possible for any person who is Amish or is considering attempting to join an Amish church to hold to individual beliefs in regard to the important theological issues people that people group themselves by in the church at large.

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