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Follow That.....Buggy!

SIGH, how fun it would be to someday jump into a cab and tell the driver.  "Follow that car!"   I guess I've watched too many movies.   It'd be fun to do that until you get the cab fare, which always seems ridiculously high.  Anyway,  good thing a horse pulling an Amish-owned buggy knew where to go or the owners would have had to "follow that buggy" in a cab or something. Residents of a tiny northeastern Ohio town were treated to an unusual site yesterday when some an Amish couple who went shopping in town obviously didn't hitch up their horse properly.  The horse got loose and pulled the empty buggy through the town's streets and back to the farmstead!

Meanwhile, SUVs aren't the only vehicles apparently that are prone to "roll over" crashes.  A buggy that toppled over into a small creekbed sent 9 Amish children to hospitals.  None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatened.  Amish children do not typically sit in "child seats" in buggies like they do in cars.  As an Amish mother once told me in a buggy crash the children are far safer if they are ejected than if they stay in the buggy.  This buggy accident occurred outside of Jamestown, New York, the area that has the Empire State's largest and oldest Amish community.

Follow that car

Years ago, we took our 3 to Dodge City and it was such a georgeous day we decided to get sandwich makings & go to a park for lunch.  But we couldn't seem to find a grocery store to buy them.  Then I saw a Dolly Madison truck, so told my dh to follow that truck.  He lead us right to a grocery store - I had figured either it would or when it stopped we would be able to ask for directions.  The kids still get a kick out of telling the story of us following the truck!


re: Follow That Car

You can NEVER go wrong when you follow a Dolly Madison truck!:)   And while on the subject, I am fortunate enough to have been to Dodge City two or three times...gorgeous town, a veritable oasis on the prairie...I love Dodge!

Follow That Car!

I was a cab driver for several years in the Washington DC area.  Passengers actually would say, "Follow that car".  It was used more of a direction thing meaning to follow onto an exit ramp, or into a turn lane instead of meaning to tail another vehicle.  But whenever it happened I'd always kind of chuckle.  Another favorite was as we would approach a T intersection (where you have to turn one way or the other) I would say, "Should I turn left or right?"  The answer was almost always, "Yes" which was literally true but not helpful!  -Kay

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