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'Tis the Season

Yes, 'tis the season for those Christmas pictures.  I'm not speaking of the family portraits which were done on vacation, months ago, but rather, the ones which were/are taken during the Christmas season. 

My first ones, black & white of course, were done in early afternoon, in front of the tree.  While I [still very small] napped, my father carefully placed the 2 [or 3?] flood-lamps [no flash] so that they would turn out well.  Then, snacked, combed, & dressed in that year's finery, I posed as directed & he took all 8 pictures on the roll-----but only of me, not my mother, & never of him.  When I got a little older [6 or so] & took ballet, the poses were planned by me-----what a pain I must have been.  Looking at the album, there was sometimes another little girl beside me.  The first was when she was just 6 months old.  Don't suppose I remember her then, but I remember the picture.  If her family happened to visit on picture day, she was in a couple.   Not sure what happened to the photos, but I visited with the person last summer for a few hours-----what fun!  

Eventually, I got my own camera, so the picture taking was extended, somewhat.  However, I liked shooting outdoors the best, whether people or scenery.  In  high school, when I had my first job & could pay for the extravagance, I got my first color film.   Actually, more than one.  We had a huge snowstorm & I walked everywhere to get the best shots, though I was kidded about taking black & white pictures with color film.  But then, I'd get out the pix & insist that the person look at those wonderful blue shadows.  Well, adults didn't really see the need for color pictures, except for, maybe, portraits of people. 

By the time our  first & that of another family were due, we were again into camera shopping.  The two families debated over whether to get a slide or movie camera for the future family pictures.  We got one for slides----so many of the pix turned out to be just a blur, since kids seldom hold still.  The other family chose a movie camera and, you guessed it, had reels & reels of their first, always standing still----didn't move-----not at Christmas, Easter, vacation, whatever----when they were filming, he was standing---stock still.  

Two traditional Christmas pictures we took depended upon a grandmother [my mother] who arrived laden with fresh new pjs for all.  On Christmas Eve, as their father read "The Night Before. . . . .,"  there they all were, relatively still & ready for me to take a picture.  Then, Christmas morning, they had to wait until Himself  [with camera] was ready, before charging down the stairs.  Even when they had arrived at the 'cool' age, he still managed to get them 'camera ready.'   

Most pix we have taken have been of the snapshot sort-----groups of people in action, rather than lined up.  We have lived through flashbulbs of ever decreasing size, polaroids, etc., & are now into digital.  We switched from slides to prints, & I made complicated lists of which pix to reprint for which people.  This is pretty much how it is with digital, only the technology is a little different.  Last Dec., our premiee great-grand twins were still in hospital, so those pix show mostly blankets, caps, & tubes.  Never did get into the moving pictures/videos, except for those I did in the classroom.  But, I'll save that for another time.    


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