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Mars & Venus

In the early days of our marriage, Himself told me of the wonderful fruitcake "Mom always made."   Eventually, I started making it, eventually enlarging my then recipe to 28 pounds of stuff [rinsed fruit, nuts, cake part, etc.].  Hardest parts were rinsing/draining that sticky fruit----& finding cheap containers to hold it all, as I worked. 

Even had the citron down pat, because our friend's German mother was able to tell me about buying it in half-fruit chunks, then grating it [like slaw], which flavored the cake without leaving those bitter spots that one gets from the little cubes at the super. 

The year it grew to 28 pounds, his mother said to me, "You know, I made it just twice."   Mars & Venus had struck again, so I was stuck with a very sticky tradition for a number of years.   The thing that stopped it was no longer being able to purchase the citron.   

The recipe is long gone, of course, but if I could find gratable citron, I would try it with a mix, like date bread or spice cake-----in much smaller quantities, of course. 

re: the add above

Plainly Covered:  Haven't seen fresh citron, just candied.  This is what I rinsed & then grated.  Fruitcake is the sort of thing that morphs into your own recipe, with more of what you like, & less of what you like less.  Also, one ends up measuring by the package of stuff, such as raisins, currents, etc., rather than by cups.  When the price or availability of one thing changes, it's easy to substitute something else.  As long as the fruit is rinsed & well-drained, & there's enough batter to hold it all together, it seems to work out OK. 

 As for the cool day part, it was 6 degrees at 6am here today-----& yesterday, 12.  So much less noticeable with today's reliable vehicles.  One doesn't have to worry about starting, making it up hills, not being able to see out the windows, etc.  Guess I could never make it in a buggy or sleigh in winter, except just for fun.  CS

the add above

Yes ,I too have done to order ,THE FRUIT CAKE, now 4 batches ,60lbs of my own and the joy of cooking, I do it the way I like it, totally, so If by chance it is returned. i like can eat it for the next 5 yrs but this has not yet been the problem. I have seen the fresh cirton down here in florida, but have not ever candied or used it, I like the idea of grating that might make good.      refuring to the ad above this page is for a meth lab, fruit cake could be the new "meth" of the plain and hungry, just a little humor on cool day  blessings

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