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Southern Ohioans Answer to Snow: PANIC!!!!!!

Well we are finally scheduled to get our snow here in southwest Ohio.  I say "finally" but if the storm materiaizes as planned this will actually be a fairly early snow for us.  Forecasts are calling for 3 to 6" to fall between midnight tonight and late tomorrow.   SIGH, inevitably, the snow forecasts set off the mindless stampede to the grocery store.  I'm not quite sure what a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk will do to ward off the storm, but that seems to be the course of action for most locals here.  All the while the local TV stations fan the flames of panic by hyping it up even more.  And add to that the fact that I'm sure those of you who actually get REAL snow are laughing at us.  I'm sure schools across the area will shut their doors tomorrow.

The snowstorm that continues to be the "gold standard" that all others are measured against in this area is "The Blizzard of 78."  I was five years old when that event occurred and not even living in the country so I have always lamented the fact that I missed out on The Big One.  Lovina Eicher - who pens the Amish Cook column - remembers being snowed in for days and days after the Blizzard of `78.  Yet the cows still needed milking, the only problem is the milk truck couldn't stop by to make the daily pick up.  So Lovina says for days they were filling every conceivable container with milk until the milk truck finally made an appearance a week later.

There have been other bad storms here.  The "Christmas Storm" of 2005 paralyzed our area for days.   But beyond that, it is 78 that casts the longest shadow.  Is this the storm that most others out in blogland remember? Or is there another one that sets the standard in your part of the country?  Okay, gotta go to the grocery store to get some milk!


We will be under a snow advisory for tomorrow with around 3 to 5 inches of snow.  Of course I had to go to the grocery store for some much needed necessities...nothing to do with the snow (truthfully).  Anyway...the store was full of people and short of grocery carts getting ready for the snow Embarassed

dcharrison's picture

I was 3 months pregnant with a 9 month old!  The timing chain broke on my old car just as I parked it at the head of our driveway & it didn't move for 3 months since we had no garage to put it into to work on it.  We drove my dh's old 3/4 ton farm truck with no seat belts & a huge steering wheel - so trips were done by necessity only for me!

I actually get depressed in the winter, so don't look forward to it.  We usually get a lot more ice here than snow & some of my earliest winter memories are falling down while trying to walk in St. Louis (where I was born & my mom's siblings still lived at that time).  My ideal snowfall is Christmas morning after the kids are all home & melt by Christmas night & not seen again for a year!



I remember the 78 blizzard and also we had one in 65 I beleive it was. I live in Ft Wayne,In and was in the National Guard at that time. We were called out to help firemen deleiver milk and bread to people that couldn't get out. I was gone from home for four days before it got cleaned up. What a fun time.

Blizzard of 78

I do remember theblizzard of 78.  I was in High School and we
missed over a month of school!  The teachers were able to collect
unemployment for that month (as a teacher for this district, many of
the 'old' timers talk about this was the first and only time that they
could do this).  My most vivid memory is running out of
water.  The house I lived in at that time was located on a rural
back road and one of the last  to be treated.  The cistern
ran dry  and with no means to get a water truck in, we had to melt
snow to get water.  It gave a whole new meaning to 'watch out for
yellow snow.'  Living in the woods, it became a challenge to find
snow that hadn't been track on by some forest animal. 

for yesterday, I went to the store to pick up a perscription at the
local Kroger's and it was packed!  I couldn't believe how many
people where buying cart loads of food. Normally it's not this way
during the week, but there was no parking available for the store!

is a snow day for the school system that I work for.  I am happy
to have an unexpected day off.  It should be clear enough by this
afternoon to go out Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!! 

re: Blizzard of 78

BK, I am envious of your blizzard memories!  Congratulations, though, on scoring a snow day today.  Most schools just managed to eke out delays, but the snow has continued here longer than I thought....happy Christmas shopping, you should have the stores to yourself! - kevin

bread, milk, and snow

78 was bad here in Indianapolis and it shut things down for a few days. But, as I have said here before, just being 7 or 8 miles out from the main state roads is enough to make travel nearly impossible for us for a few days with a snow storm that is nothing more than a morning inconvenience for most everyone else. We are supposed to get between 2-4 in - that is not too bad. But everyone is making a big deal of it here, too. Mainly talking about how the trucks are ready to get out there and deal with it. What they will do is waste a lot of resources and the budget right off the bat and then when and if ( most likely it will)the bad stuff comes have to struggle to deal with it.

On the bread and milk. I always thought it was silly to grab bread and milk when you know you are going to be able to get to the store within a couple days at the worst. But I wonder if people are thinking that since others are buying so much the bread and milk supply will be unpredictable and possibly lacking, so they better stock up??


The blizzard of 78 was the absolute worse weather I've ever seen in SW Ohio. Besides that, I'll never forget it because my grandfather died of hypothermia that day. He was 88. What is so ironic is that his father also died of hypothermia during a blizzard in Alaska. I don't remember the year but it was during the gold rush days ( a very long time ago). He had gone there to "find his fortune in gold".

re: Snow

Ugh.....No, I'll hope for a little White Christmasy dusting...that sounds awful...hope you are doing OK. Stay safe!

KJuneBug's picture
white Christmas

That would be a treat! I've lived in this area my whole life and never have I had a white Christmas! '96 might count as it started to snow late on xmas day then it turned to forzen rain in the night and by the AM it was just raining but there was about a foot of snow, there was all sorts of problems. That was the year that alot of things with flat rooves collapsed. 

re: white Christmas


Pacific NW weather seems crazy.  It does sound like you got absolutely pounded out there...the one thing I will say about midwestern weather is it's pretty temperate, we don't get too many extremes here one way or the other....I guess that is why the Blizzard of `78 is such a touchstone for people here....Kevin


Kevin, I can only hope that you don't get as much snow as we got rain yesterday.

Sections of Interstate 5 are closed and will be until possibly Thursday.  The flooding is terrible.  The reporters are actually comparing the damages to Hurricane Katrina.  Our coast line had 90 + mph wind and rain yesterday.

KJuneBug's picture
re: snow vs. rain

I heard that the detour for I-5 being closed takes drivers all the way east to the Tri Cities, that is crazy! Thank goodness the rain has stopped from this storm.  We basically endured a hurricane! Southwest WA is under a great deal of water. We are all good here though.    

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