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Amish Restaurant, Hutterite Turkeys

I've written before about the Florida Amish settlement of Pinecraft.  This is an Amish enclave in Sarasota with several Amish-style restaurants and lots of Anabaptist snowbirds.  There is one restaurant, Amish-themed, that is located out of the Pinecraft and seems to have a good following.  Somehow the idea of reading about food today, when we're all stuffed, doesn't sound very appealing.  But if you want to read a review about Miller's Dutch Kitchen in Bradenton, click here.

And it's a bit too late for this year (think about it for next Thanksgiving), but if you can stand one more article about Hutterite turkeys, this one is a pretty good one.

Amish Snowbirds


Showing my ignorance but how do they travel to Fla. and what is their mode of travel when they get there???

Re: Amish Snowbirds

Your question is one I've heard many times as the author of the book, Amish Snowbirds. They take busses from PA, IN, OH and other northern states to Sarasota and then rent tricycles for the time they are there or use the many "Amish taxis" that bring other groups to Pinecraft. They also walk alot, take rides in cars like mine to see the sights, and take local bus transportation to the Gulf of Mexico.

The book, Amish Snowbirds is sold out, but I've written another sequel, Amish and Mennonite Snowbirds out in May.

Richard Lee Dawley
Amish Insight

cup cheese

greetings and it is 6 min past turkey day, in reading the articles on food was wondering if others have ever savored the sharp tangy cup cheese or have ever tried to make it at home.This shenk's product is one that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in the mouth and in my own family I stand alone in the crave of it but it is a cultured love and brings mouth watering ,tearing eye of homesickness. bring it on

Miller's Dutch Kitchen

I was there for my birthday dinner last year. It was also the first time I had been to the Gulf of Mexico and we had fun wading around. The review was right on.  Loved the baked goods and brought home a jigsaw puzzle from the gift shop that now decorates the wall over my desk.  They have an Amish buggy in the restaurant that has been fitted with a small table so children can dine inside it. Yoder’s in Pinecraft is still my favorite, though. 

Our other Amish related location on the Florida west coast is The Amish Country Store in Largo (near Tampa) filled with lots of PA Dutch foods and Amish gifts.  It is nice to have some access to the wonderful foods that aren’t abundant here. This Article in St. Pete Times on Jan. 10, 2007 about them would make me hungry if I hadn't already celebrated today.  -Kay

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