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Great Grocery Store Stampede

First of all, for those hitting the road today, here's a good, succinct summation of the weather. Travel safely!

And for the rest of us who aren't traveling that probably means a trip to the grocery store today?  Ugh.  Rachel and I won't go until around 9 p.m.  Hoping the crowds will have thinned by then (of course the shelves will also be picked clean by then).  While on the topic of grocery stores, this is an interesting observation I made when I was spending time in the Amish community of Berne, Indiana.  Up until the mid-90s there were two grocery stores in town, a dumpy little IGA and a more modern competitor store.  The dumpy IGA still had the old manual cash registers. The other store had the supermarket scanners we have all come to know and love.  Several Amish bishops in the area forbade church members from going to the modern store with the scanners.  I think they feared some sort of "data harvesting" or something.  Eventually the IGA closed and the bishops relented.

In SW Ohio we have grocery stores chains called Kroger, Meijer, Marsh, Biggs, Wal-Mart, and a handful of IGAs.  I guess I prefer Kroger.  Marsh will bleed your bank account dry for just the smallest amount of groceries and I'm not too fond of Wal-Mart. Meijer is OK.  The IGA is great for just running in and running out quickly.  I've heard superb things about a chain out east called Wegman's, but we don't have any around here. Wild Oats is about 30 minutes away, too far and even if there was one close they are really expensive. So, informal survey: where are you going to go to get your Thanksgiving groceries?

I hope everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Grocery Shopping


We ususally go to Trader Joe's with a few items that come from costco.

Kevin, you must must try some See's Candy. It is more fun to get one of this and one of that rather than getting a box of their selections. There are employers out here that buy the 1# boxes and hand them out with the bonus checks at Christmas and guess what gets opened up first!!

For Thanksgiving Dinner - my husband treated his mother, her oldest friend and I to a turkey dinner from Mimi's Cafe and there was no shopping, prepping or dishwashing.!!

He dislikes smelling the turkey cooking all those hours and the lingering of those smells in the house and the food was delightful.

Hope you all

Have a very nice Thanksgiving today and keep safe....

 GO COLTS!!!!!

just had to do that.....

Re: Colts

That remark does not compute, because after all, this is Patriots country.  CS

Re: That team

And I did it just for you.....LOL


Go Colts!!!!!

Thanksgiving after all

Hi all, Happy Thanksgiving.
I had planned to go to the grocery Monday Morn, but my son wound up in the hospital. He was not supposed to come home till Friday, so there went Thanksgiving. I had come home ( hour drive ) to shower and tend to business while my husband was with our son when he called to say the dr. was sending him home! He felt that since my husband was home we could all handle his situation from home and he didn't want to see us not have Thanksgiving. We had not said one word of complaint - all we cared about was that they found something to help our son. So, I had stopped at Meijer's before I left the big city ( Indy) to get Patrick snacks and I had just gone ahead and got a few things there - I don't know why. But I had all we needed to get our dinner menu cooked and so everyone is coming here after all!! And my attitude is adjusted from last week where I did not want to do this. I am SO Thankful!!! My heart is singing. I thank God for all He has done for our son. I held onto faith while it was sometimes hard to keep it in focus and I trusted that He had a plan and He cared. Things turned around to an interesting conclusion. So, for groceries I used Meijers yesterday and they had a fairly good stock of whatever one would need. I get so much of my stuff from coops or friends who get their stuff from unusual sources. I went to our friends and "shopped" last night for my milk straight from the cow. cheese, coop stuff - we get good deals on gluten free stuff from the coop and organics. I really don't get the bulk of my stuff from the store. I buy much of my meat from an independent farmer who raises things the way we want them raised. But what we need from the store - we need. I appreciate the stores, too.
Joanie w

Grocery Stores

We only have 2 grocery stores where I live, Hy Vee's and County Market.  I usually shop at Hy Vee's because I live a short distance away, it's a bit cheaper and I can find things easily. 

I also forgot we also have the Aldi's a lot cheaper and a good place to stock up on canned veggies :)

On the weather front we didn't get the snow the forecast was calling for, we did receive a lot of rain yesterday and it's colder this morning. 

Grocery Stores

I was in 2 grocery stores today, ugh -- I'm not really sure I want to think about them here at home!

But anyway, I know Wegmans. Good store and ranks really high on customer and employee policies.  I would always stop in when visiting my family in eastern PA.  One thing I could get there was See's Candy (made in California). Yum!  Anybody know See's?

I live in Publix Supermarket Land. Actually their corporate headquarters are here in Lakeland, FL.  They are just in the southeastern section of the country (not even up to N. Carolina).  Good food, lots of charity contributions and profit-sharing for employees.  They recently started a program where they fill prescriptions for about 5 different antibiotic medicines at no charge for customers. They are not a discount store. :)

Deb, what is your experience with Food Lion?  They had a really bad reputation in Florida. I haven't seen any around here anymore.

On a higher note - the heck with groceries. We had a really nice service at church tonight. Included a hymn sing, the pastor went into the congregaton so people (adults, youth, and kids) could share what they were thankful for, sermon, and a video of one of the church's outreach programs in the neighborhood. I'm ready for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to All!   -Kay


Piggly Wiggly

Long ago, in the years we used to drive down to FL, we seemed to see them all through the southern states.  Are they still around?   Our kids used to like the name----I did, too.  CS

re: Grocery Stores


Sounds like you had a wonderful Wednesday evening.....I would have rather been at a church function than doing battle in Kroger...ugh....I am thankful to be home now!

Food Lion.....there is one as close to here as Williamstown, KY about 50 miles from me.....Their reputation has never fully recovered from horrible press they got (much of it unfair) in a Primetime Live piece years ago.

Publix....I  shop there when I go to Hilton Head, SCfor my vacation.  It's always a sentinmental place for me simply because I used to go there with my grandparents (now deceased) when we would visit them in Florida as a child.....

Ah, See's candies.....When I was in Greater Seattle last year Rachel was, like, "wow, there's a See's candies."  I just shrugged and said "what??"   Rachel had sampled their stuff on a trip to San Francisco when she was in college...apparently they are based there and have delicious stuff. I have never tried it myself......You and everyone else have a great Thanksgiving! - Kevin

grocery store shopping

We go to Food Lion and also to Kroger and Rite Aid.

We also use with manufacturer coupons and sale prices and unadvertised specials and have cut our grocery bill by 50 percent this month.

We also can a lot of our own food but there are some things you just cant grow

re: grocery store shopping


Thanks for sharing that! Anything that cuts the bill by 50 percent is great with me, I'll check out the site! - Kevin

PS - Food Lion....that is out east, right?

Shopping with Spouses

I usually shop without my dh & 2-3 years back I was reminded of why when I was shopping for a holiday meal.  I always plan to have leftovers to eat during the following week instead of more cooking.  But after the cart contents had gotten to about $60 my other half started to panic.  So I had to finish up with him & go back another time to get the rest of what I needed.


Food Stores

I do my shopping during my lunch hour, at the Safeway by my office. One trip yesterday, things I forgot today. We do have a "full service" Wal-Mart that just opened the food part last week, but I'm not brave enough to visit it this week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kevin & family!

Food Stores

We always have to go 25 min., or so to the grocery store.  So, I usually only go when I can combine other errands/appointments in the same trip.  This week, though, I ended up making 3  'final trips.'   It is the week of lists-----serious shoppers with one hand on the cart & the other on the LIST.   Some bring spouses to hunt down items or else push-----& certainly, to pay.   In the bottom of the carts & on the floor, one sees lists-----hopefully their makers don't still need them. 

In snowy [yesterday] or rainy [today] weather, I go only to Hannafords.  When the weather is nicer, I also go to Shaws for part, which is often more expensive, but there are some things I can't get at the other.   Our Walmart is not of the super variety.  Never heard of the first two?   They are New England chains, I think.  When we first moved here, there was A & P, but it's been gone for decades.  The IGA has morphed into something else, but it's small, struggling, & one must check the 'use' by dates more carefully on cans/boxes/jars.  Now & then, I head to the two rural farm markets, one of which will be open until Christmas, & the other, which is now all year.  With the price of gas, as well as the extra time it takes, I don't go there too often.  But oh, they are the most enjoyable! 

 I will be getting wreaths at one of them----fresher than at the supers-----plain this year, since I've saved enough trimmings from other years to put on them.  These go up while I can still get to the spots where they go, then stay there until I can again reach them, which means that some years, they are rather brown from the sun, although still green on the backs.  CS

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