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wow hay than for info. i would love to see picture of boat hooked to buggy. mayby someone has one. did joe get a deer? this is a great site


email me and I'll send you a picture I have....

boat & buggy


We've seen the video of the buggy.  If you are ever there when he rigs the boat up -- please have your camera handy!  Is it like a rowboat on the buggy roof, or on some kind of trailer?  A shiny silver boat (probably no glitter finish, like the rednecks here joke about) or a neat wooden one painted green?  Thanks.  --Kay

re: boat & buggy

Kay -  Not to plug our upcoming book, but we actually do have a photo of the buggy and boat hitched up that will be answer your question, though, it's just a little shiny silver boat, just as you described, hooked up to the back of the buggy...kind of a site....a horse, a buggy, and a boat....Joe takes it to a nearby pond, ties his horse to a tree and heads out in the pond....SIGH, such a simple, self-sufficient existence....I really am envious in ways....Kevin

Boat & buggy

Now that you said that Kevin, that picture of a, boat being pulled by a buggy, thats floating around somewhere on the Amish sites comes to mind

I just don't see them fish in my part of Michigan, but they probably do while I'm


Just to second what Tom said, yes, many Amish men do enjoy hunting.  Joe Eicher, in fact, went deer hunting this past Monday.  Like Tom said, Joe was hoping to catch a deer so they could have the meet.  Joe loves deer meat scrambled with eggs and potatoes.  Fishing is also popular. Joe will hitch a boat up to the buggy and go try to catch bluegill.  I enjoyed a good bluegill supper at the Eichers over the summer.  A few more conservative Amish communities frown upon the guns involved in hunting, but most allow it because hunting means self-sufficiency.

H & F

I do believe they fish but not sure, I know they hunt because I see them here in Michigan doing it. Very mininal orange clothing and off as soon as their done, and they use both guns and bows...  Hunting is acceptable to them because the meat is used to feed the family and they don't hunt just for hunting sake only... Thats why I'm not sure about fishing, if they do fish then you can bet the fish is used to feed the family...

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