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The Annual Hutterite Turkey Stampede

The the appeal of the "Plain People" extends not just to the idea of living without many of the complexities we endure in our technological world, but also to the palate.  As the public has grown wary (and weary) of factory farm-raised poultry, pumped up with hormones and crammed into cages, "free range" has become the rage.  Some people claim the meat tastes better, others just feel better knowing that the bird has lived a humane, comfortable existence.  No matter the motive, the popularity of Hutterite-raised turkeys from Montana has prompted an annual mad dash to claim the limited number of birds available.

Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted on the condition of a 9-year-old Amish girl hit by a car outside of Middlefield, Ohio this morning. We talk a lot about buggy-car safety,but pedestrian safety is also an important issue for the Amish. They travel on foot more than the average person and children often live in areas without sidewalks, creating greater danger.  

Amish school areas

Especially during the week and during lunchtime I have noticed in my travels an ever increasing appearence of kids walking on the roads around schools, even on our last trip as we were driving down 250w near Woodside school, this Amish girl came running out through the gate and onto and down the road, at first we thought something was wrong but apparently she lived just down the road and was going to lunch or something...

It just amazes me though that the drivers who live in the surrounding area down there, just cruise down them back roads, we even have them passing us several times and I was going 35mph...

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