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Farmland Preservation in Lancaster County

This is a familiar refrain that plays out continuously in Lancaster County: suburban sprawl vs. a generations-old agrarian way of life? Boiled down: do we want another strip mall with a Bed, Bath & Beyond or a vibrant Amish community?  Lancaster County is under immense prssure from the growing western tentacles of Philadephia's suburban sprawl.  Rather than deal with the congested roads, tourists, and disappearing farmland, many Amish have simply left.  But  an unlikely combination of Amish and English have successfully managed to save some prime parcels of farmland in Lancaster County and they are trying to put more out of reach of developers.  I wish them well. Once farmland is gone, it's gone...there's no turning back. 

Question ...

Hullo!  I have a question, prob'ly stupid, but I still have to ask it -- what does IMHO mean?!



I googled it- it means "In my honest opinion"


I too have always heard it to mean "In my humbled opinion"


Kimberly, thanks for answering that for people. For what it's worth, I've also heard it as "In My Humble Opinion", either way meaning about the same!


No question is stupid.  There are probably lots of people waiting for the answer to this one.  CS

We should have followed

Jeffersons way of thinking instead of Hamlitons....IMHO



Thanks for asking.  Because so often - myself included - we read about what is going on but rarely take the next step and ask: how can we get involved?   There is a non-profit organization devoted just to preserving Lancaster County's pastoral and peaceful farmland.  Check out  I'm sure they'd welcome your dollars, your volunteer hours, whatever you can give!

Is there a way we can help?

I wish there was some way to help. My wife and I go to Lancaster every year and I get more joy in walking on the back roads and observing the peace and serenity there. On the other hand I am disturbed by the Urban sprawl and terrible traffic in the locations of the sprawl. Truth be said I am a part of the problem ultimately. And that's being selfish of me. This is their lively hood and their(and our) future. There needs to be an agrarian base. I wish there was some way we can help to maintain their land and ultimately their culture by signing a petition or something. Certainly we can pray. But what else?

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