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Pretzels in the News

I think I've written here before about how the ubiquitous Auntie Anne's pretzel chain was begun by an Amish woman selling baked goods out of a cart years ago.  Who among us hasn't been to an Auntie Anne's at least once?  I don't stop there often. For me Auntie Anne's is usually a shopping mall staple.  I'll get some "pretzel bites" and some honey mustard dip.  Wow. Perfect snack.  Auntie Anne's is also home to that famous "pretzel dog."   The chain has also provided me a quick meal or two while passing through an airport.  Anyway, the chain is now run by Sam Beiler (distantly related to the company's founder).  Like "Auntie Anne" who began the restaurants, Beiler grew up in the Amish faith.  Auntie Anne's is a great illustration of Amish ingenuity, entrepreneuralism and work ethic at its pinnacle.  Read more about Auntie Anne's and Sam Beiler in this article that appeared yesterday in Lebanon, Pennsylvania's newspaper.


Love these. If I see one I have to have one. My favorite is with the jalapeno. I had no idea that it was started by Amish. Thank you for that tidbit of information. Now....I have to find a shop locally since there is no mall nearby out here in the country....yum!

Yum yum!

Oh yes!  They are sooo good!  When I was pregnant with my 3 year old, I would always have at least one or two days off during the week.  I always go to the mall and walk around, looking for good deals on baby clothes, etc.  And before I left, it was required that I go by Auntie Ann's and get a pretzel, usually a salty variety like garlic or sour cream and chive.  And I knew exactly how much it would cost ($2 and some odd cents).  Mmmm, what great memories! ...Randi


No, I never have!!   But, on our last PA trip, I had a piece of a warm, freshly made one served up by the cutest little Amish boy, who was so small that his older brother stood with him to prevent spills.  We were there at a picnic table, but the boys were greeting a small tour bus with their bowl of pretzel pieces.  Can you imagine stepping off a tour bus & meeting up with that?  Well, it just made the day for several of the tourists.  CS

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