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Bergholz, Ohio Amish Saga Update

The weird saga of the Amish community near Bergholz, Ohio continues.  The local sheriff spoke to the press yesterday about his reasons for raiding a local school-house with a SWAT team to serve custody papers.  The Bergholz, Ohio Amish community - if the allegations about it are true - presents an example of what can happen when a church is so decentralized. It almost appears that this particular Amish community is a "splinter sect" of some sort living under the rule of a very powerful and unsavory bishop. I don't think I'd recommend traveling there for tourism purposes!  Stick to nearby Holmes County instead.

Meanwhile on a medical note, Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio received a generous grant to help implement a hemophilia education and care program aimed at the nearby Amish communities.  Sounds like this program will do a lot of good!


Amish Medical

I notice while down in Lagrange this week that they have Amish Family Health Day (Nov 9th - 10th)at the 850 center in Shipshe...all services and fees are donated (I'm sure they also get some grant money) and they can get free: prostate exams, cholesterol, glucose screenings, etc...and then also educative things about menopause,breast health,stokes, etc....

Seemed like a cool thing to do - and on Saturday they had a Haystack Breakfast being served...

re: Amish Medical


Thanks for passing this along.   Such an event is a great way to "introduce" Amish to modern medical in a fun, familiar setting.  Many Amish, especially older ones, are still reluctant to indulge in the use of modern medicine for reasons of cost or just plain suspiscion, so I think that sounds like a great event!

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