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I would enjoy an Amish penpal. I often wonder if the Amish are as intrigued by us as we are by them. With my busy life, kids in college, job, cell phone and computer, could we let it all go and live as the Amish do?

Please forward me any contact information with an Amish woman if available.

Thank you!


I have had pen pals since I was in elementary school.....back in the dino days:) One of whom I still correspond with. The pen pals that I have had are from all over the world and all walks of life. I am a single woman in my mid 40's. I have raised three daughters on my own. I would truly enjoy and respect an Amish pen pal. Curiousity about the amish life style, but also getting to know the "person". Thanks Loretta in CA


I would love to have an amish penpal also. I am 45, female. My email is i have heard that it depends on the bishop, some allow it and some dont'. If anyone finds a way to have one, I would really like it.

I would like an Amish Pen Pal

I would like an amish Pen Pal. I am 30, married with 4 children. If any one could help with this I would be thrilled.




Amish, I would love...

Does it make any difference that I'm going to be Amish when I grow up? If so can I get an Amish Penpal. Or does it make a difference that I know a previous menonite? I so want to talk to Amish. I will not disscue any thing they can't have if I'm allowed to get an Amish Penpal. Plus, I am called weird by my own family and friends.

Amish Penpal

Hi there,
I am 23 years old and I live in Cork, Ireland.
I would like an Amish penpal if it is possible(obviously to correspond with in snail mail!)I would be very happy of someone could help me out because its kinda hard to find one in Ireland!
Many Thanks.



I am sorry if I offended anyone.
I have 4 siblings that are old order amish, I work for an older amish businessman (yes he provides me with a computer) I have many friends who are old order amish, and I am actually working today with a yuong girl who is a member of the chruch. I am no longer amish.... am mennonite now! I asked my boss and my coworkers if they would be allowed to have non amish penpals....the answer was a strange look, and the question...why wouldnt we be allowed?!? I know that many of the western states are more conservative, so that might make a difference.

Re: penpal

Hi, I was "playing" on the computer and read what you wrote, I am looking for an Amish penpal, perhaps you could help me? I don't mind writing regular letters! Thank you!

Re: penpal

I would love to have an Amish pen pal preferably a teenaged girl and was also wondering if you know of any Amish student exchange programs, i don't know if they have them but if they do i would be extremely interested. thanks


I hope I didn't come across as jumpin' on your back, as I did not intend to.  I very much like the people here on the website and didn't want someone promisin' them somethin' that simply couldn't be ...

I also am Old Order and have many relatives who still live in the Old Order sect.  I spoke this weekend with some of the men whom I live near -- all former Amish -- and they agreed it would be very unlikely that a bishop would allow for an Amish to pen pal with an Englisher.  Many of these former Amish are the sons of a bishop, preacher, deacon, etc. 

I sup'ose it does not mean that there is no bishop out there who would allow this, but gut luck in findin' him.

So share with me your story ... what were your reasons for leavin? 


my story is rather

my story is rather personal... not really something I share with the general public.   what is your story?


I have the names and address of a couple people who would love to be penpals... and I know their bishop doesnt mind! So if you are still interested let me know.... I have lived in the 2 largest amish communities in the world, holmes county ohio and Lancaster pa,so I have lots of family and friends that love being penpals! They might be sensitive at first about sharing to much about being amish, but as your friendship builds that should change. I was never a writer but many of my amish friends have several penpals. I do know that some more conservative communities shy away from being penpals.

Re: penpal

I am looking for an Amish pen-pal. I have a desire to correspond with someone who lives such a different, exclusive lifestyle and would love to learn more about them and what they believe. Please email me if you can help me with that. .

Re: penpal

I would love to have an amish pen pal. If anyone could help me please email me

Re: penpal

I am looking for someone to help me find a pen pal! I used to have one when I was a child ( I am 47 now) I used to love to write letters, it seems to be a "lost art". If you could help me at all, I would greatly appreciate it!

Re: penpal

I'm looking for an Amish penpal.  If you know of any could you help me out?

Amish Penpal

Hi! Im Jessica.. 24 years old. Mom to a 2 year old. Really looking for a penpal in the Amish community... I have a very strong feeling God is telling me to try this way. Thanks for you time!

re: Amish penpals


My name is Lisa. I was looking around on the internet, looking for a way to find an Amish penpal. Your Email to another person looking for the same thing came up, from September of last year. So I decided to take a chance and ask if you still know of anyone who might like to write to an "Englischer". I will be most grateful for any help or advice you may have. I am a young "thirty-something", Christian, a nurse and sorta shy. I will gladly write to someone who wants a penpal and a friend. Probably a young to middle age mother or wife would be most suitable.
THanks for anthing you can do!

Amish Penpal

Hi!! I am a big fan of the Amish. I have read every single Beverly Lewis novel, and I have recently become fascinated with the Amish. I would like an Amish penpal. I don't really care about whether they're Old Order or New Order, but I defineitly would like to get in contact with an Amish girl that's around the age of 13, if you know one. Thanks sooo much! God bless you for your time.



I just found this post. I have wanted to have an Amish penpal for many years. If you have anyone that might like to be penpals it would be wonderful. I am 43 and am at stay at home mom. I like to cook and sew. I also homeschool my children.

You can email me at



I just read your message

I just read your message about having some people that would like to have English pen pals. Are some of them women? I am a 43 yr old and would like to have one. I know I sound silly. But through out my growing up years in NJ. We used to have a family in PA that we would visit. My family lost their address some years ago. If there are any women that would like to be one with me. I would like that. You can email me back if you like.

Amish penpal...

I would love an amish pen pal. I have been visiting lancaster Pa every year since I was 2 years old, I am now 37 years old. i have 2 children and wish i raised them with a simpler lifestyle.... If anyone out there has any contact with amish that would like to be a penpal, please e-mail me .... Thank You, Laura

Pen Pal

Hi There

I have been browsing the internet in hopes to find a penpal to write in the Amish community. I have had no luck. I was visiting Lanchester PA and feel in love with the life style all over again. If you wouldn't mind helping me out. I will give you all the information that you would need...

Pen Pal

My age is 26. Age doesn't matter... My e-mail address is ...

about the penpals

i have been to Holmes county 2 times and loved it. i would love to have a penpal around my age.



I would need to know your age first of all... Wink I can't promise certian ages but can definetely try! Also if you could give me your email address I will get the addresses for you.



48   [email protected]



thanks to the person that replyed back to me about the penpal. My age is 22 years old. and my email address is [email protected] again.

A Very Unusual Bishop!!!!

I find it ever so hard to believe that the bishop is in agreement with the Amish correspondin' with the English.  I guess your bishop is unlike the many bishops throughout the state's of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, and Wisconsin.  You are correct when you say that many Amish women have correspondence with other women ... I belonged to several circle letters myself, but always with fellow Amish.  Are you of the Old Order sect?!  Seems contradictin' that the Old Order believe so strongly in stayin' separte from the world, and yet would allow for the influence of the worldly to correspond with the Plain ... as I mentioned above, your bishop was clearly UNLIKE any bishop I ever knew!


amish penpals

If you place an ad in the amish newspaper "the budget" (google it to find website)in ohio you can find amish penpals, I know of many people who have done this. I know of many people here in Lancaster Co that have become penpals with people they have met thru roadside stands, farmers markets... etc...

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