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This will make you laugh!!

Sunday afternoon, I was leaning with my back to the kitchen sink. To my right is a small closet, under the stairs. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a MOUSE! I yelled to husband and he came running. I showed him where I saw it and he dug out our really old traps. He set them, and they just kept going off ; he said they were too old and bent wrong or something. He put some poison in the closet. Meanwhile, I saw the MOUSE 2 more times. It was then time to go to the barn. Meanwhile, our oldest son came to visit(the bus driver). He was making coffee and when we returned from chores, he said," Did you know there's a mouse running across your counter?" By this time, I was ready to flip out because I hate MICE! Our younger son and his 2 kids came in and #2 son took his jackknife and put peanut butter on the tip of the blade. This dumb MOUSE was eating it while he held the knife. Husband had gone to secure a better trap. In the meantime, #2 son grabbed a knife from my butcher block and stabbed the MOUSE! Finally, a good mouse. I emailed my daughter this tale and told her not to laugh too hard, my family knows my aversion to mice! I promise this is true, and I know it makes no sense for a farmgirl of old to be afraid of mice. One of my many faults, I guess. Oh well, Dad & the kids have a new "pick on mom" story!!

Re: This will make you laugh!!

EEEK, snakes, now that is a different story, i am scared witless of them, i love to watch them when they are confined, as long as they cannot get to me, but if i came across one outside and there was a chance it could come near me i would drop dead of a heart attack, my husband would kill it but then i would probably cry, i am such a dope when it comes to animals, of any kind, reptilian or other wise, my kids and i have nursed wild birds, bunnies and a baby squirrel back to health, i found a little field mouse a few years ago at the bottom of a hay wagon after we got done unloading it, he had gone thru the baler and lost his two rear legs, i brought him home and was so upset i called our vet, now this vet knows me, has for years, he has even put up with me fainting in his office when i was pregnant once, and all he could do was laugh, sorry honey he says, i don't do mice.......over the years we have had ten cats, two dogs, a rabbit, twenty two guinea pigs, seventeen hamsters, two birds, a rat, and lots of fish, we don't have a farm though, i was haying at my brother in laws, wish i did have a farm, i would die to own my own horse.......but yes, the mousy story is real and my husband will never let me live it down, he hates them........

Re: This will make you laugh!!

oh my cheryl,

you are amazing. i am one that climbs up on a chair and screams till someone sets a trap or does something to make it better. I am like becky sue . my husband wanted me to plant sweet corn on the edge of an sprinker corn of ours one year . We had to cross a pasture from the road to get to this field .. I heard a rattler. i freaked out!! Saw it  strike at me. Jumping up and down screaming , pulling my pants off to see if i actually got bit. Finally husband screamed at me to stop and stay put. He finally found the snake  snaking off and killed it. I could have gotten bit several times because of my jumping and running.away maybe to the darn thing. husband  has never asked me to go help push the small push planter again. Wonder why??? linda

Re: This will make you laugh!!

you guys are gonna think i am a total dingbat, we have five cats and very few mice but once in the last fourteen years we have lived in this house my cats caught one, our cat had it in it's mouth by the tail, the poor thing was hanging there and the other four were drooling, i felt so sorry for it i snatched it and then didn't have a clue what to do, i knew if i put it outside it would probably come right back in and might not be so lucky the next time, so i found an old clean plastic waste basket that was really deep and he couldn't climb out and put him in it, i shut him in the broom closet and went back to bed, this was three in the morning, my five cats sat there all night staring at that door, the next day i shut the five cats in a bedroom, took out the trash can, fed the little guy some bread crumbs and my daughter and i took him for a ride about a mile from here to a farm and let him out, to this day my family picks on me about giving a mouse a last meal and a new home....guess i am an abnormal woman, as my mother and sister and aunt's will all screech and leave the area....i even carry spiders out of the house on a sheet of paper and let them loose.  the only thing i can kill without remorse is mosquitos and flies....

Re: This will make you laugh!!

ok this is funny!! One morning I got up super early. I was going aboout my morning, making coffee, feeding the cats, ect. I opened my pantry door (it is the same door for my cellar stairs) to get to the dog food. I stick my arm and bowl in the bag to scoop it up and a mouse scurried up my arm into my short sleeve shirt!!! I was flairing my arms and screaming like a CRAZY lady!! It flew out of my shirt and went down the hall stairs hitting the walls as it went. I just stared crying!! My husband and oldest son had a very good and long laugh. I didn't feed the dog for a month. I now only buy the large bags of dog food that reseal. LOL


Re: This will make you laugh!!


I totally agree with you! If there was a mouse in my house I wouldn't sleep until it was caught.

When we first moved to Arizona, I had a problem with crickets which I am certainly afraid of because they jump. I located electrical boxes that pretty much take care of the problem. We may see one once a month but that's it. Thank Goodness! 


Re: This will make you laugh!!

Sounds like it's time to bring some of those barn cats into the house for a feast! ~Diann

paulaayn's picture
Re: This will make you laugh!!

 We get invaded by mice every once in a while.  I'm not afraid of them but I do NOT like them in the house.  Last year I opened one of the kitchen cupboards and there was this little mouse face sticking out of the ant trap box  :)  I HAD to laugh at that!  That was a bad year, we caught 12 mice out of that one drawer.  We can usually keep them out of the house by keeping a plate of poison on the back stairs in the summer kitchen (way from cats and kids) but certain times of the year we just have to keep catching them and giving them to the barn cats.

On the other hand, DH is having rat problems out in the barn.  THEY had better stay in the barn and out of my house or I don't know what I'll do!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Re: This will make you laugh!!

Not necessarily! Once in a great while, usually this time of year, we see just one. We never have had a real problem with them in this house. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Re: This will make you laugh!!

Ah but if you see one mouse doesn't that mean there are moreUndecided

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