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Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I've enjoyed the spirited discussion we've been having about raising children the past day.  Very enlightening to hear such a cross-section of views.  Thank you!

I was fine with this site until I got on Facebook.  Facebook is a dynamic, constantly-changing interface.  My Facebook page changes dozens of times a day.  Part of me thinks I should ditch this site and just move everything to Faceook!  Okay, that might be a bit extreme.  But websites do periodically undergo changes just to freshen things up a bit.  Is this site due for an overhaul?  I'm not looking for hollow "it's fine the way it is comments" (unless you TRULY feel that way)...What are your favorite parts of this site? Least favorite? Anything you'd like to see more of (or less of?)   Rachel thinks is too "busy", she thinks a newcomer stumbling on to the site for the first time would have trouble following what is where.  Anyone agree?   I don't know what I think, your feedback will help me decide what direction to steer this site in or just keep it as is!   That said, this site's very existence is thanks to webmaster, Brian Fending, so I'll have to confer with him on any nuts n bolt changes, but also a big public thank you to him for even making this site possible!


doodles47's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

Karen  aka: Doodles

I VOTE FOR CHANGE.   I have a facebook and a MySpace page and only check them for my grandkids and family pages.  I agree with most that it IS hard to read this site sometimes when the replies are not in order.  It is a "busy" page too.  I muddle through it however, just making sure I read all of the replies. If the question is on top, then the replies in the order that they are posted, would be a whole lot easier to keep track of what is being written.  I don't know that much about web design, so don't know if that would be possible or why it is happening on this site.  But keep up the good work Kevin I would read it in any format.  Karen

lorraine stoddard's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

Good question from brendalynn1,  what is the "busy" mess refering to?

I like this site just the way it is.Smile  It's 100& better than Facebook,and

yes I do have Facebook,but,I'm really not a fan,of it.


Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?


Totally do not care for Facebook,. Have not figured out WHY?? yet

I like this just fine. The main challenge that i have is on the readerblogs and the readers discussion and recipes.  Otherwise this is just great.  what is the "busy"-ness referring to ??

Perhaps the webmaster could make it possible for the comments to have a means of a direct response to that comment etc. Sounds like a really long trail could develop though. 


This is a great familiar place to come.  Really hope it remains that way. 


Maybe someone could explain Facebook to me but i have had nothing positive with it.

Someone says visit my facebook page and when you try it is like visiting fort Knox.  No thank you

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I hate Facebook. I had it and finally deleted my account with them.


I know it is the NEW best thing right now, which means it is just the current FAD of th moment.


I had no problem going through your site....:0)

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

i don't have any trouble finding things on this site, but i can see where someone would who is here for the first time, maybe a little more organization as far as old posts, etc. also, nix the white background and plain old text, liven it up a little, give it some color, some fancier text, change it with the seasons or holidays, also, you could have a section on amish related links, such as, authors, the budget online, bookstores, online amish stores, etc????  my daughter does web design for a living, i have no clue, just thinking outloud... but, i vote for change

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I think it is a little too busy and it is often hard to follow the comments as I'd like to see them in order they were posted.  I don't really like change but sometimes it is needed.

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I agree that this site is busy and confusing...sorry! There is definitely too much going on here and a lot of repetition. I have found it to be very frustrating to keep up with a debate when you don't know where the last comments were. They aren't always in order...
So, my vote is most definitely for CHANGE!!! :)

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

 I have not been here long enough to have much of an opinionSmile I like it how it is... a change would also be nice... see no help at all. Elaine

lorraine stoddard's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I forgot to mention that I enjoy your video's.  I have FaceBook,but I prefer this!

lorraine stoddard's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I like this site just the way it is.  I doubt very much if a new comer would have any diiaculty finding any thing here .  Kevin,please keep this the way it is--this site is perfect in evey way-and that is a good thing.  I do like  your survery's that we get to vote on.  I also like when you ask for comments on different products.  This site is both educational and fun!

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I can see where it is confusing even for a 'season' blogger on this post.  Just looking at our 'heated' debate on children is a head turner trying to figure out who blogged what, when, where.  Though I have no suggestions on how to make it better........

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I agree that child debate was hard to follow, to figure out where the new comments are etc. I do think that it was a great debate.  To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

And we are all still internet friends!!!!!Laughing

eggcetra_farms's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

Because you mentioned Facebook.......  You could make a Facebook group for the Amish Cook.  I just made one for my neighborhood association and it was easy!  There's even a discussion board on there and everything.

As far as what we're working with now, I think it's a little bit repetitive because the home page pretty much displays everything but it's all on the other tabs too.  I get that the home page shows the most recent postings and all, but...I don't know.  Also, it aggravates me that when you go to the discussion board you have to scroll way down to see the replies.  Maybe I'm dense but I didn't figure that out til I was here for a week or so.  

I agree that the side bars could be some light shade of whatever color to kind of break up the page a bit. 

staib18's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I agree with your wife. I think it is terribly busy. I'm sure some of the info is beyond your control but there is alot of things on there and it gets a little confusing to look at. I am a minimalist as a graphic artist myself so to me less is more-balanced white space and all. Other then that I'm not sure of any different looks to it.

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

      I agree with Diann, I hate change too. I am comfortable with the way it is now, but I am probably the only one that is not real computer friendly. I don't surf because am afraid of getting into something I can't get out of unless I throw the computer out the window. Embarassed That said if you change things I guess I can ask my husband to find things again for me.

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

Oldster that I am, I hate change! I've been on here so long I can find everything I want/need to read. But if everyone else votes for a change, I guess I will just have to muddle through. ~Diann

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I agree with Rachel that the site is "busy".  One thing that makes it seem that way is the "home" screen having so much information on it.  If you made no other changes, just changing the "home" to provide links to different sections of the site, with a little explanation of what each part is, would be very helpful.  Also, there's so much going on on the page; a different color scheme where the sidebars are a different color from the main text might also be nice.

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

I think a change would be nice.  I am not sure what the new look would be though.  I think that the ads on the sides could be different, that part is busy.  This site is a little different than most blogs that I read, just because it is independent of blogger or typepad.

In keeping with an Amish theme, if it were less busy that would follow that.  Sounds like some work of "fending", to me!!!

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Feedback Friday: Site Changes?

Okay, one vote for change! (that sounded like an Obama ad:)

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