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Ice Storm in Kentucky

doodles47's picture

You never know just how much you take things for granted, until you lose them.  About an hour ago we got our electric back on after 6 days...and where am I?  Had to read the Amish cook before anything else is done   :)

 Monday last week we had a major ice storm hit all of Kentucky.  It really looked like a bomb had gone off around here, but it wasn't just in one was everywhere.  We are lucky because most of the Crofton area has been told it could be as long as 2-3 weeks before they can get their power back on.

The first day, we built a fire out in the yard and using an iron skillet made a big pan of soup.  Our Son-in-law drove almost 100 miles one way to get us a generator  because of my husband's health, so we did have a little heat and I was able to "cook" in an electric skillet.  There are no batteries, flashlights, generators, within a 80 mile radius of us.  My son-in-law came with the generator and a can of gas on his 4-wheeler.  they had about 6 miles of the road we live on closed to all trafic. He was able to maneuver around the downed trees and power line with the 4 wheeler.  He made the trip at least twice a day bringing in gas until they got the trees moved out of the way and the power lines moved out of the way.

The only ones around here that this did not affect, was our Amish friends.  They do it day after day, week after week.

The water heater should have had enough time to warm the water..........Now for a shower!!!!!!!


Re: Ice Storm in Kentucky

I'm so very glad your all doing okay now! 

My Aunt and too many cousins live in Western Kentucky, they had to drive 200 miles after the storm to find a Hotel and they are now on their way to Texas to stay with my Aunt's grandson.  They are hearing that their power could be back on by either Wednesday or Friday. 

About 2 years ago we had our major ice storm and I thought going without power for 2 days was bad!!!  My heart goes out to everyone who is still being affected by this storm!


Re: Ice Storm in Kentucky

Good to hear you got your power back on, Karen! Having no power in the winter would be very rough. We just recently got a generator. Haven't even fired it up yet, but guess we better make sure it's going to run should we need it! Sure could have used one a few months back when we were without power for 5 days due to the wind storm. Last summer we kept "talking" about getting one, then put it on the back burner, not wanting to spend the money. Then when we needed it, we didn't have one. Doesn't pay to put stuff like that off! We learned that the hard way. ~Diann

Re: Ice Storm in Kentucky

So glad to hear news from an actual person about survivng the ice storm. Two years ago here in western kansas we were hit with an ice storm. My son and his family who live in the country were without electricity for 16 days. They had 2 small children at the time and one on the way. Thankfully they used our generator that ran off the pto of a tractor that let them have lights,water, heat, Power poles were down everywhere. It was just awful. You never know how a person takes for granted those utilities having them and then not for some time. I am concerned with the elderly in times like those. Freezing to death , hurting themselves trying to get out. hopefully everyone checks on their felllow neighbor.   linda

Re: Ice Storm in Kentucky

Howdy fellow Kentuckian!!! Guessing from your blog that you are from Western Kentucky.  My son is down that way in Calvert City.  He came home to NKY on Wednesday because he couldn't take not having electricity in his apartment.  Glad that you were able to survive the storm.  News reports has some deaths down that way......

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