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Storm and Sleepy Radio....

We are buried in Middletown, Ohio under 10 inches of snow.  Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind more. If it's winter, then bring on the snow!!! I've been living in the shadow of `78 my whole life. Everyone always talks about the "Blizzard of `78".  I was six years old and living out of the country at that time, so I missed it. I've yearned for a big blizzard ever since.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll finally get my fill next week.  Check this out if you are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky.

KARN Logo.png

Meanwhile, I received a heads-up last night that I was supposed to do an interview with radio station KARN in Little Rock, Arkansas this morning.  Very short notice.  But this is a big station, tops in Arkansas, so I wasn't going to turn down the chance to discuss "The Amish Cook at Home."  The column runs in the nearby Conway, Arkansas paper, so I was game.  I gave the station my cell phone number and Rachel's as a back-up.  They told me the interview would be 7:12 a.m. Central Time, 8:12 my time.  No big deal, I'm usually getting up about 7:30 a.m. anyway.   Weell...some how I slept through my phone rining and was awaken by Rachel's phone ringing at 7:46 a.m. this morning.  I was sleeping a little bit later than usual,and so was Rachel.  

"It's area code 501", Rachel said.

"Crap, give it to me," I mumbled.

"Hello, Mr. Williams, this is Michael from KARN, you'll be on the air in 1 minute."   I didn't find out until later, the producer had accidentially emailed me the wrong time for the interview.

Oh geez.  In my sleep stupor and boxers (sorry for the visual) I stumble into our spare bedroom. I never do radio interviews with Rachel sitting right there.  Just too distracting.  My throat is often scratchy in the first few minutes after waking up, but there wasn't even enough time to grab some water.  So I somehow verbally bumbled by way through the four minute interview.  If anyone in KARN country on this site was listening this morning, you now know why I sounded so scratchy and incoherent. I wasn't drunk, just sleepy.


Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

i remember the big blizzard of 78, i was in college at the time, two hours from home.  my dad worked for the state dot, it was so bad they had to come get him and his crew in an army personel carrier, it was so deep they drove over someone's sports car in it and it was not discovered till days later that they had crushed a car.  my dad worked seventy two hours on, twelve off for a while, scary to think about those snow plow drivers on the roads in a blizzard with no sleep.  the highway between college and home was closed to all but emergency vehicles, my mom was sick with the flu and my little sister was only three at the time, some one from above was watching over me, i was talking to one of my teachers the second day of the storm and come to find out he was a fireman and had a blue light on his car, he needed to check on his mother who lived in watertown and asked if i wanted to ride, we started out in the snow, the blue light flashed all the way home but we didn't get stopped for being on a closed highway.  it sure was a weird few days, like something you would read about in  little house on the prairie books or something. lol

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

I lived through the blizzard of '78 and am in no hurry to experience that again, so I hope it misses us in Dayton. You can keep it in Middletown, Kevin! ~Diann

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Oh dear! I haven't watched any weather today. I sincerely hope you guys are wrong! We got 13"in yesterday's storm.As I said before, I'm in NW Pa. Very near Bradford--home of Zippo lighters(20 miles approx.). And yes, you're correct when you remember the "78 storm. I remember it well as I was expecting our first baby!! Fortunately all worked to our favor.But I must say, doing barn chores in such weather is not fun,although I'm very thankful now that we don't have to haul water. All we have to do is break the ice on the spring-run. And Kevin, tho' I can't relate to being awakened by a radio station: I can relate! Imagine the neighbors finding you in a similar state to tell you one of the cows is in the road! Remember, "good fences make good neighbors"!!And oh by the way, the fence jumper aforementioned is now in the freezer!

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Oh No!  I sure hope that guy is wrong about this storm coming up the I-95 corridor.  I live just west of there!  I don't want a blizzard.  I remember the blizzard of '93 and it wasn't pretty.

My kids just had 2 days off with the little bit of snow we got this week.  AND they had a two hour delay this morning.  If they have any more days off they'll start adding on to the end of the year.Frown

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Accuweather is now saying the I-95 corridor will be rain and that the Ohio Valley is going to get the blizzard!!!Laughing

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

AHHHHHHH I have been off work all this week, we don't have built in snow days so as of tomorrow we have 9 days to make up in the summer. We have to miss 20 days before the state will even look at giving colamity days.  I still hope I-95 gets it instead of us!!!!

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Gee, thanks a lot!

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Sounds good to me, as long as it is rain and not freezing rain.  We had enough of that the last two days!

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Oh wow, comparing this to `78, NOW you have my interest!:)

Re: Storm and Sleepy Radio....

Ugh, more snow Yell It said it could go up the Ap. Mts. vs the Ohio Valley.  I don't like to wish ill on anyone but would rather they have it than usWink Also if my memory serves me correctly, this weather pattern replicates how the big one of 78 started (one big storm followed by a really bigger storm). 

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