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Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

KJuneBug's picture

The sunshine did come out today at our house, and even Dowtown Seattle my DH says.  While deep in the fog yesterday and feeling closed in I had this running litst... Well you saw it, I posted it in my little rant of having the hum-drums.  Today, I dealt with a couple things, my girls current dresses and cutting out the American Girl doll clothes that I need to make for my girlfriends little girls who have birthday's this month.  The doll clothes thing is a win-win for both me and the little girls receiving them.  I use up scraps, they get a wardrobe for their dolly. 

Our youngest daughter of course is the hands down winner when it comes to wardrobe, she gets all of her sisters clothes, plus an occasional newly made dress too.  Our middle daughter however, doesn't get that many hand-me-downs, so I make the rest of what she needs and it leaves her wardrobe choices small.  So, I am feeling a little like Lovina might feel tonight, I have a pile of dresses for middle daughter than I am going to let the hems down on.  I did cut out a new jumper for her today to add in.  The rest of the evening and tomorrow I am going to spend working on clothes for our middle daughter.

I think I am over the hum-drums a little, there are still routine things to get done, by mixing it up with some sewing, knitting and maybe some scrapbooking; it all won't seem so bad!

Think joy!

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

I'll take some!  Nothing worse than frigid temps and no "payoff."  LOL 


Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

You can keep the snow at your house, Kevin. We don't want any more in Fairborn. We got another 2" today and had to shovel our walks and drive as well as the neighbor's. ~Diann

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

Are you kidding?! Oh NOOOOO!!!! I'm still tired from the last time I shoveled! Our neighbor is ill who normally snow blows us out, so we not only shoveled out our double drive and walks, but theirs, and they live on a corner lot! NOT ready to do that again anytime soon, so I hope you're wrong, Kevin!  ~Diann

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

Guess we've all just got to hang in there, but looking on the bright side, the time changes again in six more weeks, so Spring can't be too far behind! Tie a knot and hang on!!! ~Diann

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

True...although word of warning to Diann, BK, and my other fellow SW Ohioans...I'm hearing about a big winter storm we might get here Monday night....soooo..stay tuned!:)

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

Awh, the snow never seems to like to cross the mighty Ohio RiverWink

Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

Guess it can cross the Ohio River, check out the newest forcast for this snow storm:


Re: Let the Sunshine In...Wintertime Blues

Finally!!! Please push that snow from your house to mine...I want a good winter blast here in Middletown!

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