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Hey, I'm new....

Just a quick hello. I recently got the cookbook & love it! I've collected Amish cookbooks for quite a while. I live in NW PA, been married 31 years, have 3 children(2 boys 1 girl), 5 grandchildren(3boys,2 girls). We have a small farm, raise our own milk,meat , eggs, and vegetables. I do alot of canning and we also butcher our own meat. I love to cook and do baking to order. I also participate in our local Farmer's Mkt. from May thru Oct. I hope to meet some new friends here, hopefully you! P.S. It's really cold in PA today, this AM we had 26 below 0 on the front porch! I can't figure out why the cows don't seem to care!?! We also have a website,RFDPa for anyone who wants to check it out.

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Barb, wish I knew what to suggest to you. My dad was the very same way about being prideful and not accepting help. The very day my brother decided to let hospice come and help care for Dad, he passed away that evening. He just wasn't going to have someone caring for him, I guess! I have an older unmarried sister in poor health and I'm now going through that with her. She doesn't want any outside help, but there will come a day when she will have no choice. It's going to come down to that, or a nursing home, which neither of us wants. I am trying to keep her independent and in her apartment as long as possible, but she eventually has got to be willing to accept some help to accomplish that. She does have a couple neighbors who look out for her and run errands, so that is very helpful. I do not live very close, plus I still work some, so I can't do a whole lot for her. ~Diann


eggcetra_farms's picture
Re: Hey, I'm new....

I have always been interested in tapping for maple syrup. 

Re: Hey, I'm new....

I'll tell you what I can! We usually tap the end of Feb. or the beginnig of Mar. ,warmer day & freezing nights makes the sap rise in the trees. Ultimately, that's what makes tha leaves grow. But; in a time frame of abt 6 weeks, depending on weather, we gather the sap & boil it down into syrup. It takes approx. 45 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup! We use buckets, not pipeline. We cook over wood in large flat pans, not an evaporator. We can usually boil down abt 100 gallons of sap each day. I finish the syrup on a gas stove because it's easier to control the fire(ever try to turn down a wood fire?)LOL! It is time consuming, but the grandkids have a ball, as does Grandma! When the leaves start to sprout, the sap turns bitter and we're done till next year. If I left any questions unanswered, just ask!

jamy's picture
Re: Hey, I'm new....

welcome Barb   Laughing

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Barb, I lost my dad last year at age 94. Mom is still living but has dementia and sometimes doesn't even know me. She is 89 and lives in an assisted living home now. There is no way I could take care of her, so I am so thankful for the home and all the caring staff. They are just amazing! It is really rough watching your parents age and their health decline. I definitely understand where you are coming from. Hang in there! ~Diann

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Thanks so much for your insight. My Dad is still home, my son & I do alot for him. He is a very stubborin- prideful  man; he doesn't want any outside help. However, it is getting too hard for me to do everthing needed. My husband says to get visiting nurses in, but Dad balks! I get so frustrated, any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Welcome Barb! Always glad to "see" a new face. I have family in the Pittsburgh area, but haven't been there in probably close to 40 years. I do keep in touch, tho. I live in the Dayton, Ohio vicinity - Fairborn, close to Wright-Patt AFB. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! There are a lot of friendly people on here, and lots of interesting subjects to discuss!  ~Diann

eggcetra_farms's picture
Re: Hey, I'm new....

Hello and welcome!

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Welcome Barb!  Smile


Re: Hey, I'm new....

Welcome Farmhouse Barb!!! And as Trish said there are plenty of friendly people here and some great conversations Wink

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Welcome to the site.  There's plenty of friendly people here.  I also live in PA, but I'm in the SE part.  It wasn't quite that cold here.  We only got down to about 8 degrees above 0 yesterday.  Today is supposed to be in the 30's with some snow flurries.

Anyway, enjoy the siteSmile


Re: Hey, I'm new....

Thanks for the encouragement! My husband's sister lives in Stevens. Are you near there?

Re: Hey, I'm new....

Hopefully I didn't do this wrong! Rather than reply to everyone individually, I'll do this! Next on our agenda on the farm is making maple syrup. It's too cold right now, but in about a month the sap will be rising in the trees, and the time will be right! My father & grandfather did this for years. My father is 80 and not in the best of health, but wants to help. We'll fit him in somewhere. It is tough taking care of an elderly parent. Can anyone relate? Sorry, I digress. Anyway, I can post more on tapping trees later. It's alot of work, but the fun far outways the effort. Not to mention the sweet rewards!!!

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