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Adams County, Ohio: Miller Furniture

At first glance, it appears that the "complex" of Miller businesses tucked away in a quiet corner of Grace's Run road in rural Adams County is one big enterprise.  A huge gravel parking lot is bordered by a furniture store, a bulk food outlet, and a bakery.  But these are actually three separate businesses each run by one of the Miller brothers who each live on nearby property.  "It just sort of worked out that all three of our properties" border each other so we could put in a big parking lot for all of us," said Daniel Miller who runs the furniture store.  Daniel Miller sells a wide range of hand-made furniture crafted by local artisans, some Amish, some not.   Dinette tables and chairs seem to be the biggest furniture draw, but many other unique items make great gifts. In the days ahead I'll give you a tour nd taste of the furniture, bulk food, and bakery operation.  Click here for a two minute tour of the furniture gallery.

Re: Adams County, Ohio: Miller Furniture

My mother is looking for a well-made drop-leaf table for her kitchen.  The table she currently has is showing its age, she says.  LOL  I wonder if perhaps I should ask her to make the trek to Cincinnati with me...we could stop in Adams County, have a look around, and visit Millers to see if he has something she'd be interested in.  ;o)


Re: Adams County, Ohio: Miller Furniture

The tour was wonderful and the furniture beautiful.  My dad makes grandfather clocks.  He's made one for each of us (3 adults).  Anything homemade/crafted is a treasure.