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Just got back from Lancaster

 My wife and I celebrated our 13th anniversary last Wednesday by going to where we always love to go. Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was beautiful, that is if you can find yourself outside of the tourist traps. I did. My favorite part was jogging in the morning down a side street outside of Intercourse. We stayed at Kitchen Kettle-which has a nice clean bed and breakfast among all the other trappings. But these jogs I took were breath taking. Where I live in the Hudson Valley we don't have rolling hills and farm land which goes on for miles. I love the farm land and enjoy it with all my senses. Yes even the smells. I love the clip/clop clip/clop of the Horse and buggies that go by. I saw work horses running and jumping, a feat I thought was impossible for an animal that size. The cows run to the fence looking for food. And the corn! Some of which was being cut I believe for silage. At the end of one jog I discovered a working covered bridge and marveled at the architecture on the inside. I never want to leave when we go and usually do so feeling down. One of the other things we did while there was to see "In the Beginning" at Sight and Sound. It was very nicely done but because there are allot of information left out of the very beginning of Genesis, they filled in the gaps by creating characters and dialogue which is not in the Bible. This is fine for the majority of us who go to these shows but I felt that if you were going without any prior experience with the Bible and Christian beliefs, it would seem very confusing and quite alarming. But it was quite beautiful and moving and I enjoyed it.  Kevin I'm sorry I didn't take the tour where you can speak to Amish in their setting(s) as promised. I went to their own website and there were many complaints about the winery which was part of the tour. It sounded very touristy and I just couldn't bring myself to doing it. I would just rather stick to the side roads and hope to learn more from observation outside of tourist destinations.  Now that isn't to say that we didn't eat at the usual spots which would alarm my Dr. I fought valiently not to over eat but I enjoyed one of my favorites from Stoltzful Farm Restaurant. Their country sausage which is unlike anything I've ever tasted and that's only one of the things I liked. Anyway as I said, I had a great time.  

Re: Just got back from Lancaster

Hey, that sounds like an awesome trip and you're a fellow runner to boot! I find running one of the best ways to see a new area....One of the first things I do when I explore a new area is lace up my sneakers and just go for miles and me some of your favorite trip pictures to  and I'll post them....I'm not sure if you can upload photos yourself to this site or not...pretty bad that I don't know that about my own site, but my webmaster handles all the "nuts and bolts" stuff.....

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