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Oprah's Brief Puppy Mill Segment Yesterday

Oprah is great. She's an American institution and tops at what she does.  I  am so glad she has used her show as a forum to spotlight the horrors of puppy mills.  I do, however, cringe whenever viewers then go off the deep-end broad brushing all puppy mills as Amish-run.    I've covered the topic of Amish and puppy mills before, but I guess I need to repeat it again.  Apparently yesterday's segment spotlighted an Amish man who was running a puppy mill.  Again, I think puppy mills are an abomination and they should be shut down and the perpetrators prosecuted.  Also, the consumers who insist on "designer dogs" need to re-think their wishes.  So I'm about as anti-puppy mill as one can get.  I just always need to caution people that PLENTY of NON-AMISH people also run puppy mills.  Of course one would never dream of holding all Caucasian Americans in contempt because a small minority run puppy mills, but some people have no problem lumping all Amish in as puppy millers....strange logic!.....My point is that a tiny fraction of Amish people run puppy mills and its horrible.  A tiny fraction of white, middle-aged males are child abusers, and it's horrible.....but most people don't suddenly accuse all white, middle-aged males as being molesters.  I'm just trying to inject some needed perspective.  Did anyone see the Oprah piece yesterday? If so, tell us about it......Oprah seems to have been fairly even-handed about not portraying the Amish all as puppy-millers, it's the people who watch her show that draw outlandish conclusions....

I was giving a talk about the Amish in Cincinnati earlier this year and a woman came up to Rachel and said "oh, about three of my friends would  have come to hear you talk, but they are so disgusted about the Amish and puppy mills that they stayed home."    Ridiculous.  Again, that makes about as much sense as never going to a Saudi Arabian restaurant because a miniscule minority are terrorists.  Many - not all - people apply stereotypes with broad brushes to minority cultural subgroups, but never, ever do the same when a Caucasian American commits arson, child-abuse, rape, murder, or income tax fraud.......

Re: Cringing at Oprah

I saw the segment yesterday. I did not see the actual puppy mill show when it aired. From what I saw of the segment, they only showed a blurred image of an Amish man for half a second. Most of the segment focused on the dogs in cages and rural surroundings where the mills were located. Mainly though, they were talking about adopting rescued dogs which came from puppy mills and legislation in Pennsylvania to prohibit people from shooting their own pets. Maybe I missed something, though, since I was also looking through my Rachael Ray magazine!

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Cringing at Oprah

Everything has to be sensational or fit some crazy radicals group of how not to be, remember her hamburger fiasco with Texas?  If you were an Amish man would you really care what some lady is saying on TV when you know the truth?  Probably not...

Hey, its Friday and you said you'ld post some wedding pics this week, well, where are they?????     

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Cringing at Oprah - puppy mills

Not having a TV and of course not receiving US-channels anyway, I can not comment on "Oprah".
But yesterday evening (European time) I browsed "flickr" for photographs of the Amish. (Have been studying them out of personal interest for many years, as far as this is possible without direct observation.)
And there ( I found something about this "puppy mill" stuff equally disgusting to me in its stupidity.

Re: Cringing at Oprah - puppy mills

Martina, thanks for sharing...pure idiocy on the part of this poster.....not only about puppy mills, but the Amish DO pay their taxes, the vast majority anyway.....

Re: Cringing at Oprah

GOD BLESS YOU I did not see the segment and this is one of the reasons I have stopped watching hers and other programs like it.  Yes, i know they only have so much time for their shows but more care needs to be taken with most of the issues they tackle. What they do for ratings is not necessarily the entire story and showing a broader spectrum of those engaged in puppy mills would be a fairer more accurate showing.  Featuring the Amish automatically draws attention to the program due  to their uniqueness. 

I used to have my tv set to automatically record every episode so there would be no chance of missing a single episode.  BUT this aspect of the show began to wear on mine and my hsb's nerves. 

I know she is an entertainment show and is not held to the same standards as a news outlet might be BUT she wants to be taken seriously so the bar is higher than a purely entertainment show.

Re: Cringing at Oprah

I did not see the piece, but I completely agree with your outrage at such matter the ethnic or cultural background of the individual.

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