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Fall Festival Time!

Ah, the sky just has that brilliant blue hue that comes only in autumn.  Leaves are becoming tinged with yellow and orange (the ones still remaining on the trees after our massive windstorm here in Ohio) and the thought of brand new non-rerun TV shows entices (Grey's Anatomy season premiere is tonight).  What is there not to love about fall!?   Another great thing about this season is the proliferation of many fall festivals celebrating everything from pumpkins to pets.  Some of my favorites here in Southwest Ohio are coming up.  These are festivals that Rachel and I usually eat our way through each year.  There's the "Pretzel Festival" in tiny Germantown, Ohio this weekend.  This is a well-run, well-done festival that isn't overrun by crushing crowds and there's plenty to please pretzel afficiandos.

My hometown's attempt to inject some much-needed cultural literacy into the local population has resulted in a wonderful fall festival called MiddFest.  The festival celebrates a different showcase country each year. This year the spotlight is on Mongolia.  So be prepared for lots of Mongolian goodies to eat and art and culture to experience.  Many Middletonians grumble that you have to pay a $5 fee to get into the festival grounds, which can add up for a family.  I share the annoyance on princple.  People are going to go to a festival and spend plenty of money anyway, why mug them on the way in?

The Ohio Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville is the opposite of the tiny Pretzel Festival.  Waynesville's main street turns into a sea of swarming people that would put a Manhattan subway platform to shame.  But battling the crowd is worthwhile to experience the sauerkraut pizza, sauerkraut ice cream, and sauerkraut cookies.....

Finally, Rachel and I will probably also venture to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  This is a charming - but way overpriced - colonial-themed event featuring all sorts of medieval charms from jousting knights, comedy, and plenty of good food.  Forget the MiddFest $5, the Ren Festival charges $2 to park and then $19.99 to get into the grounds and then they pile on charges for everything inside from tips to performers to food.  Not trying to grumble, the festival is fun if you can get past the financial hit-n-run (which I usually can't).

So, let's make this post our "fall festival exchange" you have any favorite fall festivals near you? If so, share so maybe we can check it out!

paulaayn's picture
Re: Fall Festival Time!

  What a timely post.  This weekend is Rural Ramble up here in Renfrew County.  I'll be busy tomorrow morning showing off a sow and her piglets.  It's great fun for all the people who have little connection to farms any more.

Just thought I'd share some fall pictures.




KJuneBug's picture
Re: Fall Festival Time!

So, you have a little tradition in putting your little pumpkin on a pumpkin!!  I am sad to say that our one and only plant that grew from our seeds from last years pumpkins, has only produced "male" blossoms.Frown  It looks like we will be visiting a local grower this year.  Next year we will just be on time planting our seeds.      

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

paulaayn's picture
Re: Fall Festival Time!

 :)  Yes, Ella loves Daddy's big pumpkins.  Sorry to hear you pumpkin didn't work out this year.  I think you need to have more than one plant to get any real results.  DH often uses a male flower off one plant and a female off another.  It's just timing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Re: Fall Festival Time!

I live in rural Pennsylvania.  Our county has a fall festival every year.  I love attending.  Below is the link:

Re: Fall Festival Time!

Glad you ran this post Kevin, I have my German exchange student coming in Saturday and she will be with me for the next three weeks.  I have been trying to come up with something new to do (I'm getting tired of what we've done in the past) and this will help me come up with 'new' things to do.  My son had express a want to go to the Ren Festival but after reading what you said it won't be for me, I hate places that dollar you to death. 

In this area there is the Big Bone Salt Lick Festival coming up soon  Haven't gone is a couple of years but it is more a hands on/learn about the pioneers in this area type festival but it does have food and plenty of walking to wear off the food (just walking around the bison pin is a work-out).  I also like to go to Court Days at Mt. Sterling,KY It's mid- October.  Think world's biggest out door flea market meets the world's most consession stands at one spot combined into one.  Unforturnly they happen after my exchange student leaves so maybe we'll see you at either the pretzel or sauerkraut festival Wink

Re: Fall Festival Time!

There's some great fall festivals in the Ohio area.  One of them we never miss is the huge Oktoberfest, held annually in the tiny town of Minster. You wouldn't believe the size of this festival, complete with crafts, food, a parade and live German and rock music (for the youngsters!) and lots and lots of beer! It's not too far for you Kevin, just a straight shot up I-75 to St. Rt.119. A word of'd better like crowds if you go!  Tongue out~Diann

Re: Fall Festival Time!

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the plug about Middfest. Take a look at the 'Performers' link on Middfest's website to read about the great entertainment that will be performed on all the stages on and around Donham Plaza in Middletown. Also, children 12 and under are free, and there is a great program called 'Super Saturday' specially geared towards grades K-12 on Sat. morning from 10am-12noon. It is an opportunity for children to see selected performances and exhibits before the event opens on Saturday to the public. It is a free offering.
Also, this year, hand-crafted Mongolian felt badges are available to patrons for $5 before Oct. 3 (and $7 afterwards) and are good for admission ALL weekend. Remember, too, that the $5 adult admission fee at the gate permits admittance all weekend.
We hope you will join the festivities--enjoy yourself and learn all about Mongolian culture and history!

Re: Fall Festival Time!

Thanks for the info!  MiddFest is a wonderful festival.  But this response(for the record I have no clue who Christina is) just goes to show me that "local eyes" sometimes watch my postings:), so I'm glad I didn't say anything TOO snarky.  Actually $5 to get into the festival for the whole weekend isn't terrible, I'll save my griping about admission for the, I'm sorry, but $2 to park and $19.00 to get in THAT is too much (SIGH, I know, I know, if I don't like the price I don't have to go).

Re: Fall Festival Time!

One of my favorite is coming up on October 4th & 5th - the Oysterfest in Shelton, WA.  They have oysters prepared a dozen plus different ways.  There is an oyster shucking contest (this is a big deal on the West Coast), seafood cook-off, art show, local vineyards are there for winetasting, micro breweries, Department of Fish & Wildlife and Dept of Ecology are there with information booths and more!  If anyone wants to check it out, the web site is


Re: Fall Festival Time!

Oooh, your post makes me wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest... We don't have oyster shucking here, instead we have corn husking and it just isn't quite the same!

Re: Fall Festival Time!

Hey Kevin, I to enjoy the Fall and all the Fall Festivals.  This time of year alot of the area Catholic Churches have Fall dinners, from Duck and Sauerkraut, to Roast beef and famous dressing.  There is a fall festival in Norfolk Nebr. this Saturday. If you go  to you can read all about it.  We like to take stuff to the Farmers Market on Saturdays, so they have extended it and have invited the Farmers Market to participate in the down town activities as well.  It is ALL FREE, so if you lived closer you could check it out ! Have a great weekend ! jkrings

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