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I occasionally like to scan the blogosphere for any mentions of "The Amish Cook."  It's kind of cool when I see someone who has just stumbled upon our first cookbook, which, after six years, still seems to be selling.  A blogger recently checked out our first cookbook, published in 2002 by Ten Speed Press, from her local library. The blogger laments that she had never had much luck baking bread until she tried Elizabeth's recipes.  Pretty cool.  She even posted our bread recipe, BEEP, BEEP, COPYRIGHT VIOLATION!!!! Um...just kidding....I doubt it actually technically is since she cited the source....or did she need to seek permission?  Don't know, don't care, just glad someone is enjoying the book! Click here to read her post.

Speaking of books, thanks to those who have been purchasing copies of our new book, The Amish Cook at Home, from   The book is available for preordering from Amazon now.  Each Amazon entry is assigned a sales rank.....Our book earlier today was ranked as high as about 26,000.  That is actually a very respectable ranking considering there are about 4 million titles available through  I was trying to explain this to Lovina earlier.   Our first book, shortly after it was reviewed in People Magazine back in 2002, climbed as high as 800 on the Amazon list. That was awesome!  I'd love to top that with this title.....

Amish Cook readers can get pretty testy when their local paper decides to skip a week of the column.  Sheesh, sometimes I have to swear to the editors that I'm not the wicked witch sending my flying monkeys after, readers call on their own, without my editors learn pretty quickly not to skip a I was amused to read this editor's blog post.  She doesn't identify what paper she is with, but there is one clue: the paper she works for runs the Amish Cook on Friday.  The only paper that does that that readily comes to my mind is the Conway, Arkansas paper.  Any other papers run the column on Fridays?


amish civil rights in hammond new york

if any of you have been following the national news coverage of the treatment that some of the amish in my area have been recieving from local officials you can now help out, the following link will take you to a page to sign a petition to investigate alleged Civil Rights violations and alleged continued religious persecution against the Amish Swartzentruber sect in denying them building permits by Town of Morristown Code Enforcement Officer Kay Davis. here is the link

your help would be greatly appreciated, they have been going through a lot and on top of it all this happened today,

 An Ogdensburg woman has been ticketed after her car struck an Amish buggy - causing the operator to be thrown from the carriage.It happened at approximately 8 a.m. Thursday on State Route 68 in the town of Oswegatchie.State police say 63 year old Diane Fitzgerald of 136 Arnold Wagner Road in Ogdensburg struck the rear of a buggy.The impact caused the buggy’s operator, 44 year old Jonas Swartzentruber, to be ejected.

Re: Blog Stuff

That is true, that was generous of her....and as much as I rail on newspapers and their editors on this site, there are truly, truly some gracious ones out there.  The column wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the readers, but, really, the editors - most of them - I am deeply appreciative of...There are a handful Amish Cook-carrying editors, and they shall remain nameless, who really, really make me upset, but they are in a minority...

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Re: Blog Stuff

I never really noticed how close Elizabeth's bread recipe is to mine; I use water and no sugar, I suppose that would create a lighter fluffier loaf.  As I have mentioned I make mine free form on a jelly roll pan with a Silpat, two loaves.  The reason is that the bread pans that I have make too small sized loaves for our family, so instead of purchasing larger bread pans I just have used what I have!    

At least she (the editor) put The Amish Cook in as a link, more readers on this site!!

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

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