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Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

I guess I'm probably the wrong guy to comment on an alcohol-related article because I'm just not able to whip up much personal passion on the topic.  So a town wants to ban alcohol?  Who the heck cares, let them do it.  Is it really THAT difficult to attend a function without imbibing in wine or beer?   Yes, a glass of wine can be very relaxing, tasty, whatever, but, for an evening, couldn't someone survive with a Coke, iced tea, or, gasp, ice water??  The town of Shipshewana, Indiana - with it's large Amish/Mennonite population - has been grappling over the past year with whether to allow alcohol in limited venues.  The town remains officially dry.  I will say that Amish opposition to alcohol is not universal, in some settlements alcohol is accepted and/or tolerated.  But whether the residents are Amish, Mennonite, Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons if the majority don't want alcohol, who cares? Let them be...aren't there enough other places in the USA one can buy liquor?  Okay, oops, I guess I did whip up some passion on the topic, I guess on the side of the "dry Shipshewana" here to read the latest in this saga.

Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?


Sounds like a back-stabbing proposition that got turned back on them.

Keep it dry and keep to your principles.

Walk the walk


Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

I tend to agree with Kevin about this. If the people want it to be a "dry" community they should have it no questions asked. One good thing about it is that there won't be any Alcohol related violence that other places have trouble with.  On a related subject how do people feel about not doing business of any sort on Sunday? That is an issue that I wish more communities would take seriously. An argument that I've heard is that the stores wouldn't be open if people didn't go to them. Hey that's pretty dumb. If the stores weren't open then people wouldn't be out shopping. Maybe they would be going to Church? Anyway I feel very strongly about keeping the Sabbath Holy and have argued with my Managers about it in my last two jobs. The first one agreed in writing that I could have Sunday off as long as I worked Saturday all the time. I had no problem with that. Then a new Mgr. came who felt that he didn't have to follow that agreement. My current job fortunately has no weekend hours.  

Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

I really respect and support stores than choose to close on Sundays.  I completely agree with you that the argument of "if you build it, they will come" is a weak one.  K-Mart recently started keeping its stores open on Thanksgiving Day.  Do people come there and get a jump on their Christmas shopping?  Yes, they do, in droves.....but just because people will go along with it does not mean it is a good idea....That just dumbs everything down, waters everything down until eventually there is nothing left....

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

I would like to see stores closed on Sundays too.  It would make us change some habbits that we have because they are open. One big thing is that I would have to be just that more organized in planning ahead.  But today's world is don't think ahead, just think of what you want/need now and go get it.

We talked about this one other time, I remember because I mention that even Family Christian Stores were now open on Sunday, they open at noon, so that people can go to church, then come shop.  I have to say though that we do end up doing alot of errands on Sundays affter church just because it is when there is a time to do them. Mostly the stores around here that aren't open on Sunday's are those that are owned by people who are LDS.

Now that SS has begun again at our church along with other programs, we spend a good portion of the morning and into the afternoon at church.  We really enjoy doing that and just having that time set aside to worship the Lord and fellowship with our Christian friends.  Then we come home to a leisurely lunch and then we spend time doing something that is calm and enjoyable, sometimes that might mean a nap.      

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

I guess I'll be the one fighting for the right of alcohol but from the prespective of what I have notice here in Kentucky with wet and dry counties.  It is the wet counties who have economic growth and, thanks to the way the laws are in KY, have to support the dry counties.  You may ask why and it is simple.  Big retailers and resturants won't come in unless they can sell alcohol.  There are many dry towns/counties in KY that are big enough to support an Applebee's, BW3, etc but the francises won't come because of the no alcohol rule. Some people don't/won't plan conventions, wedding receptions, meetings, etc, in these counties either. People will travel miles so that they can go shopping and dinning in the wet counties. So how does it effect me?  By my taxes going to those counties to support their infrastructures (especially schools) due to the lack of them generating enough of their own revenues .  One county close to mine was dry at one time and some fought to get it wet.  Of course there were those who fought against it and the statement was printed that even though liquior is now allowed, the people of the county won't be buying.  Well, it is now one of the fastest growing counties in the area so someone is buying it!  Weither we like it or not, commerse and alcohol do go hand in hand.

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Raising Spirits in Shipshewana?

We  traveled through plenty of dry counties in Kentucky on our trip, on the other hand we traveled through bourbon country also in the same state.  I am all for "dry", and like you said that there are plenty of places in America to liquor up!

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

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